Just Love Me

Been 90 days of the kind of work you only engage in if you think there is not just a good reason, but a great one.

Had so much happening I am not sure if this is the most recent last post or if something elsewhere is.

But I do know I went to that place today, the one where if someone asked what you want you might answer “Just love me” and follow up with something from Phantom of the Opera like this or maybe go a different direction entirely.

Could just say you know what would happen given the chance and leave it open for interpretation so that people ask what it means.

“You know exactly what it means and I am not asking. I am stating it.”

Cuz when you slip the bonds and let go of pretense you simply speak knowing the important people who need to understand will.

You can be blind and still see provided you have faith.

Somewhere In Between Worlds

Somewhere in between worlds unsure of exactly where I am at but with an idea of where I am going to throw on another song that fits the mood.

We’re in transition and I can’t figure out if my hand is truly empty or if someone has intertwined their fingers with mine.

Could be yes and could be no.

Maybe I am walking it all alone and that is how it is or maybe the solitary time is coming to an end.

Could be in the deep end, could be in the shallow.

All I know is someone issued a challenge not really expecting me to answer and now I have. Maybe I ought to be more concerned but I am not…today.

Maybe I will be tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll ask myself what the fuck I was thinking or maybe I’ll know fortune favors the bold and I cannot sit back and let life happen because there is no time.

So either I’ll live in the silence and accept it for what it is or find out otherwise.

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