Built For The Storm

The song shouldn’t be so damn relevant now. It shouldn’t be so easy to hear it and apply it to today but it is.

I haven’t the words to express my disappointment and anger about recent events but they will come and I may place them upon the page.

Five minutes before I left the house for my evening walk I was spitting bl00d and uncertain about whether I wanted to engage with anyone because I was done.

Didn’t take long for exercise to take some of the edge off and for me to recognize that even if I don’t look as I wish to I felt a difference.

I felt like I could tear down walls with my hands and laughed because I have always been good at that and still am.

Don’t need much more than motivation and I can pull it down. Give me a shmata to wipe the sweat off with and all sorts of things can happen.

Took a moment to pause during my walk and read a few words one of dad’s old coworkers shared with me on Facebook.

Made me smile because I could hear dad’s voice and I remembered I am built for the storm.

What Comes Next

I don’t know exactly what comes next but I have a few ideas. Could tell you that some of you need to have a meal or two with me and I’ll explain.

Hell, I bet you a Pizookie you’d feel better but that is a topic for a different time.

There are bad thing going on in the world, can’t and won’t sugarcoat it.

Got the worst president we have ever seen in our lifetimes and probably the worst we’ll ever hear of.

He is a disaster by every meaningful metric and he is made worse by the cult that supports him. Can’t say for certain where it leads and where it goes but that moment with dad’s coworker made a difference.

I heard dad and I felt his presence.

Makes no difference whether it is real or imagined because perception is reality.

So it is time to grind and or gut it out. I haven’t dealt with this particular challenge before but I have been through the fires.

I have learned to dance in it and learned how to sit and in the flames, though that isn’t preferable or enjoyable.

Reminding myself again to buckle up and buckle down. This game isn’t over yet and the cult doesn’t just get their way.

My feet are planted and I have time to push back. Can’t do it alone and don’t have to, we are legion.

We’ll talk, we’ll motivate and we’ll vote.

Time for a change.

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