Digital Footprints

The sky opened up moments after I walked into my house making it clear I was wise to cut short my walk but frustrated because I need more exercise and there is no treadmill, bike or elliptical rider in this house.

So I took a moment to go online and explore options and followed up by checking to see if the non paying members of my fan club had come to visit.

It wouldn’t be the first time because when you say you disagree with their cult leader they don’t always handle it well. Sometimes they express it in more colorful terms and that is part of why I occasionally look for their digital footprints.

Never hurts to see where they go and what they read. Every now and then I enjoy posting an IP address just to let them know I am aware, especially it comes from their employer.

What You Hear In Silence

Sometimes I choose not to say anything because what you hear in silence often comes across like a thunderclap.

Silence is where you gain the opportunity to look beneath the surface and engage in quiet investigation and introspection.

One of my non paying fans told me I ought to know he is far smarter than I am and I told him to set the bar higher.

“Many people are smarter than I am. There is no reward for being one of them, but if it makes you feel good I encourage you to revel in it. Put it on a t-shirt.”

I didn’t tell him that is an old line that I have used many times nor do I care whether he is or isn’t smarter than I am.

He is clearly a bigger fool and a bigger jerk and my preference if I were measured against him would be to be known as kinder.

There is no award for a couple or 25 extra IQ points. Hell, there may not be a reward either, especially if you don’t take advantage of potential.


Two snorts of Scotch and a bottle of hard cider into a Friday night remind me that I am not 21 anymore but not because I feel buzzed.

I feel a bit tired but whether it is the long week, quarantine or the alcohol I can’t say for certain.

Got a taste for the left over coffee I didn’t finish at dinner time but probably won’t touch it because I’ll wake up close to midnight regardless.

Might check to see if the skies have cleared so I can resume the walk that was cut short. More exercise is needed.

We’re walking into a new world and there is no guarantee I’ll  gain entrance into a secret garden where I can relax but I can promise the new world will arrive whether I wish to join it or not.

So if that is the case, I might as well be prepared.

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