You Might Be Too Stupid To Fight With

If I could play guitar I might be playing this song and maybe even singing it out loud. Wouldn’t matter if you told me not to be angry and not to be sad because I have ample reason for both.

Won’t go into those here but I’ll readily speak or write about them in some place while recognizing some of you might be too stupid to fight with.

You like to present yourself as educated, well read and reasonable but your information sources are festering pools of poisonous rhetoric.

They are the equivalent of eating a plate of rotten meat whose decay is hidden by fancy plating, one too many cocktails and a nose that can’t quite recognize the special scent.

If a healthy person wanders through the leper’s colony promising to heal them with thoughts and prayers there is a virtual guarantee no one will get better and the healthy person just might become ill.

So while I could wade in and try to convince you to consider a different perspective I won’t because drinking your poison has no upside.

You worship a corpulent conman who feasts upon your soul while demanding you never acknowledge it.

Suckered By The Succubus

I won’t be suckered by the Succubus even if I am still young enough to wish to prove my virility hasn’t left me.

Nor will I spend lots of time trying to figure out how obtuse you must be to let this man bend you over and ram you from behind with no lube.

He didn’t even take you out for dinner or ask you who you are and what your dreams are.

Go ahead and tell yourself that he hasn’t revealed the AG to be a gutless, scumbag who doesn’t care about law or country.

Tell yourself that a man who voluntarily signed a declaration of guilt did so because he was ramrodded into it.

Say that you believe in law and order and ignore the murder of an unarmed Black man whose sole crime was jogging through a neighborhood.

No wait, you’ll tell me there are extenuating circumstances and then I’ll ask you why you aren’t willing to fight just as hard if not harder for him than for the guy who signed the voluntary admission of guilt.

Ask yourself if an ordinary person would receive that sort of treatment and then go back to making excuses for why an unarmed man can be murdered in the street.

And then follow it up by telling me my comments are divisive and that I am being unfair by suggesting you might be racist.

When you do I’ll point out I am not saying you but I am saying if you aren’t upset by someone being shot just for jogging through a neighborhood there is something loose in your head.


It is a strange time in the world and much of what happens now is based as much instinct as anything else.

Go forward, go left or go right isn’t because the light is green or that is what has always been done but upon that gut feeling.

And in this crazy, mixed up never been experienced before now time of life it might be as good a solution as any.

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