Is There A Dell Dilemma?

There is a rumor that says Dell computer has one customer service agent who cares about servicing the customer but you can only find them if you march for 40 days through the desert.

It is why I have stared at a few pictures to see if maybe I can locate that one individual because my experience with them thus far is very poor.

Dude, why’d I get a Dell?

As you can see he or she is nowhere to be found in the picture above and sadly absent in the picture below too.

Been searching for Dell Customer Service.

Poor woman could barely speak, rumor has it she has spent years searching for that mythical customer service agent.

Four Day Old Computer

We purchased a Dell computer on Wednesday April 29 and eagerly awaited its arrival anticipating it would work never anticipating that on day four a serious issue would arise.

You see the screen developed a crack but not because it was dropped, thrown or handled roughly.

Dell tech support used two pictures of the screen to decide it was an internal crack and used those pictures to determine it had to been self inflicted.

I asked them to explain how that could be as it hadn’t been mistreated.

“Mr. Wilner, these LCDs are very sensitive.”

I asked them to explain how a crack developed overnight.

“It wasn’t dropped, manhandled or mistreated. It is not a touch screen so we didn’t touch it. Last night it was fine and this morning the crack appeared. There are no scrapes, dents, bruises or damage to be seen anywhere else.

It was left open on a desk overnight.”

They assured me I was wrong about how we treated it and I asked them how two small pictures that only showed the screen could give them grounds for a decision.

“We do this all the time.”

“Oh, so you make arbitrary decisions based on poor data with no regard for truth or customer service.”

“Mr. Wilner, that is not what we said.”

“No, you tried to dress it up to cover your ass but it is precisely what you said before and after you told me I was lying about our treatment of a four day old computer.”

When I told them I want to escalate it a manager told me I had to understand the policy and I told him he needed to understand my policy.

“I don’t just accept poor customer service where you call the customer a liar and tell him it is impossible for their to be a defective product. QC doesn’t always weed out every bad apple.”

They assured me there would be no changing their mind or policy and I assured them I wasn’t prepared to roll over. There are more cards to be played and if I have to call Michael Dell every day I just might try.

Ride The River Of Life

I asked the kids tongue in cheek if Kobe Bryant had been the angel that kept life from going to hell.

“Kobe dies, plague descends upon humanity and just as we start to maybe get something figured out they come at us with Murder Hornets. WTF.”

They laugh and say their old man is crazy and I respond by saying “like a fox.”

Been a l0ng day here searching for a decent Dell customer service agent while reading about Covid19 cases surging in Texas.

Sharp pain in my arm, dry eyes and and a stiff back made my mood lighter and I wondered what kind of birthday 51 will be.

The second without dad, locked up inside the house and a bit grouchy because these weird ailments that come and go aren’t spending as much time going as they are coming.

Looked at the old man’s photo and told him I am working on that and waited to see if he would do more than just smile at me.

“You know I wasn’t kidding about anything I said. I am pushing forward on every front.”

Still no response from the picture and so I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the other room prepared to do it all on my own if I have to.

Told my middle sister I had to cancel my plans to fly out for my niece’s high school graduation and said I’d try to hit college.

“Assuming we are not trapped on Mars, marooned on an island or celebrating my honeymoon with my 49th wife I will be there.”

She told me 49 wives is excessive and I agreed with her.

“Put that on a t-shirt, sometimes little sisters are right. Sometimes the middle sister knows something…sometimes.

Too bad you didn’t know to tell me to avoid the Dell dilemma and get some other computer.

And with that I leave to go write more…elsewhere.

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