Are We Really In It Together?

They ask me about the world I see and I shake my head because what I see isn’t reflected where I hope to see it and I am not sure if it is where I want it to be.

“But Josh, we are all in this together” or so I hear from politicians and marketers.

Except that is not how it feels to me, we’re not all in it together.

We’re divided into tribes and echo chambers that parrot views that make me wonder if they understand it is not healthy to shove your head into your rectum.

I try not to be negative but when I see people say they understand why the veep doesn’t want to wear a mask in a hospital I ask them how they can justify that.

“Josh, he wants to look people in the eye.”

“Your justification makes it clear you don’t understand how to wear a mask. It is not supposed to cover your eyes. It is bad you don’t understand that, but it is unconscionable that the man who supposedly is tasked with leading us through Covid19 doesn’t know this.”

You’ll forgive me for leaving as I have to go away.

What Four Letter Word?

There is a discussion about four letter words and who used which first. I find myself scrunching up my face and thinking about whether I feel like wading into it.

The pandemic highlights, illustrates and illuminates a wide variety of things about us and those we care or do not care about.

There is a part of me that is ready to say ‘fuck it’ and to not use euphemism or commentary that hints at what I think without fear of outcome or consequence.

Turn on the album that uses part of my name and look for songs that are appropriate and come up with three but throw this one in first.

Maybe it is time to jump on a raft and float my way out of here and see where the river takes me.

Maybe it is time to jump off of the cliff and see how deep the water beneath me is.

Run silent, run deep.

Adventure Is Just Ahead

Feels a bit like a movie or made for television movie where I down a shot and then walk out into the next adventure while Kris Kristofferson sings in the background.

Well, it is a nice thought even if it is a dream, but you could do worse than stop dreaming because that really is a lonely, hopeless existence now isn’t it.

So I guess you can say I still have plenty of ideas and hope cuz I have dreams, oh yes.

I have a few but don’t ask me to write about them here…now.

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