Girls Like Letters

The kid at the gym asks what I intend to work on and I say lowering my A1C.

“Is it too high?”

“Yeah, but my kidneys work so I have got that on him.”

The kid scrunches his eyes up, tilts his head and I ask if he knows what I am referring to.

“Not really.”

“Don’t worry about it, it is just bloodwork. Triglycerides are good, cholesterol is high. I am strong like an ox and slightly more coordinated.”

The kid laughs and I follow my daughter to the elliptical.

I can’t go as long or as hard as I could a while back but I am not concerned nor upset by it. There is a mix of things going on and I am not worried.

I’ll either knock these things down or drop dead, there is no in between and I have plans so figure walls will be torn down and obstacles removed.

“Josh, you dropped your card.”

The kid’s hand is outstretched and we make the exchange.

“Did you write her yet? Girls like letters. Trust me on this, you can change your life with a letter.”

He nods his head and I nod mine in return.

Weaving A New Tapestry

Got a mix of songs flowing through my head while I work on weaving a new tapestry.

Can’t decide which one I want to listen to so I play parts and move on to the next. Born To Run catches more of my attention because there are so many lines in it that make me think, so many that I relate to.

Some of the shackles have been loosened and I can feel them rubbing against my arms and legs, but not for long because I can’t stop testing them.

Can’t stop flexing, pulling and rubbing them against the sharp, pointy parts because the wanderlust has returned and I cannot handle the restraint much longer.

I may not be who I once was, but I am more me than ever and still capable of exerting tremendous physical force when needed.

They’ll snap and if they don’t I will find a tool to cut through them.


Maybe it is one day at a time and maybe it is a different path.

Got a trip to Houston in a couple of days and am thinking about whether I’ll spend my time listening to one of the books on tape or make a couple of mixes to listen to.

Maybe both, got 300 miles to drive one day and then another 300 the day after.

That is a 600 mile turn around that will certainly give me more insight into whether I have made the kind of progress I think I have in turning back the clock.

If it doesn’t go with the ease I hope for I suppose I’ll rest a little more on the weekend than I might otherwise do.

But I have plans and I have intentions and force of will now all I need is a little luck and a dash of something or other right.

Echoes Of The Future Meet Destiny

Got an idea for a story about the echoes of the future meeting destiny that I am starting to write inside my head.

Been working on bits and pieces of it for about 17 years or maybe almost 51.

Parts and pieces just need to be put into their respective places. Meanwhile I have to go stretch cuz sometimes I can’t sit still.

Sometimes I have to pace and move around because my mind won’t let me sit still and there is no point in fighting it, better to harness and use this energy.

Better to walk forward and move one step closer to where the echoes of the future meet destiny.

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