One Day At A Time

If you ask me to tell you what my gut says about a variety of situations I will let you know in great detail about how and why I expect some things to happen.

Push me to provide empirical evidence and I’ll give you some material to chew on knowing you might not see it as I do and then I’ll draw my line in the sand and give no quarter.


Because sometimes you compromise best by giving no compromise. If you need to wrap both of your hands in the hair of another and stare into their eyes that is what you do.

The electricity that lies in touch and the unseen forces of pheromones and animal magnetism don’t require explanation via medical journal or algebraic equation.

Some things simply are and you cannot derail nor stop them, you can only manage them one day at a time.

We Can Talk Past Midnight

Somewhere around 1:30 AM I look at my phone and see the signs of whose phones say they are still awake and those who aren’t.

I glance at the list and figure a few of those whose electronics show them as being awake aren’t but I know without question some are.

For a moment I consider sending a note, something clever like “why are you still awake” but don’t because I feel myself on the verge of being up all night or catching some shut eye.

Got too much to do on this particular Sunday so I don’t let myself move from starting to feel a little tired to fully awake.

There are spreadsheets to review, travel plans to work on and notes to be made to help structure the coming week.

A calendar review has to be conducted to confirm there are no conflicts and to think of ways to maximize my time.

There is a a sense that I am on the verge of blowing a few things wide open and making a very significant impact.

Experience pushes me to slow down a little bit and evaluate individuals but my gut feels confident because the actions and numbers add up.

I need to work on my proficiency in a few areas because I can increase the output of certain efforts by huge amounts.

With a little more insight, a dash of luck and some effort I can make the sort of impact that will be felt for the entire year.

That is what I want, not for the sake of vanity but because doing so builds the sort of confidence that provides space to work in.

And that confidence means people spend less time monitoring what you do and how you do it. That is what I want.

Get out of my way and let me do my thing. The more space I have to operate in the faster I gain the kind of proficiency I want and the sooner I enable myself to reap the rewards I seek.

I tell the kids to follow my lead on that account. Listen to the old man because this is one thing I know just a little bit about.

The dance is on and the music is playing all around.

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