Almost A Millionaire

The bit coin scammer tried to convince me to invest some money with him and seemed dumbfounded when I told him I was independently wealthy and didn’t require any more.

“Everyone needs more money, even you.”

“Not me, I am almost a millionaire.”

“Josh, that is not that much. How close are you to being one?”

“I am $999,093 away.”

“Josh, that is not close at all. You’re practically broke. Borrow some money and I can help you become rich”

“Ok, you want to give me $50,000 to invest?”

“No, I can’t give it to you, that would be unethical. Borrow it from a friend or family and that way I can help you.”

“Yeah, it is a sure thing which is why you can’t loan me the money.”

“No, I have a responsibility here not to give you money. If you get it elsewhere I won’t break my responsibility.”

“Ok, if it means not helping you break your responsibility that makes sense. Yeah that is the ticket.”

Ease Your Mind

Some days are easier than others and I can just tune in and tune out the nonsense and then there are days like this one where I have to focus.

Throw on some music and listen to Pavarotti and think about instructions to go to East Texas and Louisiana.

During normal times the travel requires little thought and a minimal amount of planning but now is not normal and so I need to consider day trips against something that requires an overnight stay.

Can rent a car or truck so I don’t have to put the miles on my car or fly, but it only solves so much. So the question is there another option and what is the best way to exercise it.

Got a few ideas but nothing will be solved tonight so we’ll use it to write here and there to try and empty the head of all that troubles it.

Won’t be easy because the bells are ringing and the inclination is to answer in some form or another.

Life is interesting to say the least.

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