Impotus Supporters Have Stockholm Syndrome

Couple of people ask me if I have a problem with Trump or Trump supporters and I say it is wrong for me to argue with people who suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

Those people have been abused so badly they no longer recognize they deserve better treatment and so they refuse to use fact, logic or reason because that would prevent them from dealing with reality.

And that is probably all I will say about that here…probably.

No guarantees because a few keep calling me out and trying to play so you never know if I’ll choose to engage or be bored.

Had some heavy visitation from the Coventry and Deep Ellum crowds today so that got my attention for reasons I don’t think I’ll elaborate on here.

The Weight Of The Time

Been a hard week and a harder day which makes me wonder if it is the weight of the time that is really weighing upon me or other things.

Hard to say, there is so much going on that it makes it more challenging to parse.

Spent a few minutes trying to pick it apart and I realized just how difficult the last four years have been and the truth is some of these things precede it.

That doesn’t mean it has been nothing but storm clouds and rain because there has been all sorts of other good stuff.

Yet I would be remiss not to recognize the toll some of this takes especially when you haven’t the ability to share it.

So I make a point to acknowledge the challenge, the struggle and the victory while recognizing I am only partway through the journey.

The hardest part might be not knowing how far along that puts me. I like to think closer to the other side than the beginning but you never know.

Reminds me of a time when I said “take my fucking hand or don’t take it” but I digress.

The main focus for me now is finding the joy in the midst of the challenges. It is easy to be sour and plenty to be negative about, but the joy is there if you put the effort in.


I think I found another cousin and if I am correct, they actually live here in Texas. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to reach out.

It feels a little strange to do so during a time when we are not really supposed to socialize even with new family.

But who knows, I can always drop a note and say we can catch up sometime in 2021.

Hell, a few people have promised to have dinner but those will likely be in 2021 too so what is the difference anyway.

Anyhoo, before I head out to update some other places and spaces I need to drop a link to the previous post because I am testing something out.

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