Lies Patriots Tell

Somewhere out there someone will say we ought to only write patriotic posts or something unrelated like this one about life but I won’t listen.

There is a walking dumpster fire in the White House who is on tape saying he intentionally lied to the country about the severity of the pandemic because he didn’t want to cause a panic.

Maybe if he didn’t spend his days tweeting about how dangerous it would be if he is not re-elected and or holding fascist rallies in he which he lies about the opposition and feeds the willfully blind with poison I might believe him.

It would be hard and not because he got impeached for soliciting foreign governments to attack political rivals or because he did nothing about Russian meddling in our elections.

Nor would it be because he weaponized the DOJ, called our vets losers and suckers and has systematically tried to destroy democratic norms.

Ok, it is because of all that and because what he has done is so horrifically bad it outweighs the couple of good things he has done on a foreign policy level.

And what blows me away is the fawning, obsequious, sycophantic mewling of the cult. The willful blindness, hypocrisy and general stupidity of those who make excuses for him.

Lies Patriots Tell

I haven’t any patience for most of the fools who claim they support Trump because they consider him a patriot and or their claim to be one too.

You don’t blindly support the man who has no moral compass or core and whose actions have repeatedly proven there are no lines he is unwilling to cross.

Yeah, I know a few of you will claim that to be untrue so I will clarify and say there is no line he will not cross if he thinks he can get away with it.

This man is ruled by his whims and not by logic, reason or altruism. His actions consistently prove it and I am done with it.

I won’t suffer fools who claim there is a difference of policy here because it is a difference of values.

He has none and though he has fooled some of the religious folks into believing he does it is clear he doesn’t.

There is no interest in his part on doing anything with Roe V. Wade or protecting the Christian right other than for securing votes and the moment he sees no value he in any of it or them he will throw them aside.

You don’t have to be particularly intuitive, perceptive or sober to recognize him for who he is but hey, I get it.

Some of you will believe anything if you think it will serve you.

Maybe it is because you are an empty vessel looking for purpose or maybe it is what we call “Fucking Stupid.”

So yeah, I don’t think he is a man of integrity, character or redeeming value. If it makes you feel better to say he isn’t Hitler or Stalin that is ok, but understand that you can be ten times better than them and still be an awful person.

Good leaders are stewards of laws and values. They may not agree with protesting the flag or National Anthem but they protect the right for peaceful protests and don’t spend their time demonizing it.

It is not hard to say you disagree with their position but respect their right to speak about it.

You don’t have to agree with what a free press writes/says about you but you fight to keep them free and don’t call them enemies of the state or fake just because you don’t like it.

It is a values thing and he has none and apparently many of his supporters don’t though they will claim otherwise.

Hard for me to get behind people who think it is ok for a man to lie about a disease that is on its way to kill 200k Americans.

Hard for me to get behind those who try to say these deaths must be fake or that Covid19 wasn’t involved.

A real leader would have sat down and explained the hard truth to us. They would have said Covid19 presents a significant problem, that it can be deadly and that if we come together and work hard we can minimize its negative impact upon us.

Instead Fat Nixon the delusional Ooompa-Loompa and his delusions of grandeur presented us with a plate filled with Bullshit covered in a gaudy gold.

He was wrong. There is no excuse and I am not interested in hearing the lies patriots want to tell to cover his ass.

Final Words

This Sunday will mark the third birthday Dad won’t be around to celebrate with us. That blows me away.

I take it as a reminder to follow Hunter’s advice and a reminder to those who wish to walk away to just go and to those who want to stay to be prepared for the ride.

Might be bumpy and might be hard, but we’re going to suck all we can out of the marrow of this life. And if things go half as well as I suspect it will be all kinds of fun, but mostly the best kind.

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