It Was The Best Kiss Of Your Life

If you want to ingratiate yourself with a woman tell her she ought to thank you for the best kiss of her life and that she is the biggest mistake you ever made.

Watch her face scrunch up as she tries to figure out if you are baiting, insulting or complimenting her and then step back and maybe duck.

You can say you were taken over by the ghosts of Uncle Moishe, Aunt Zelda and Cousin Jerome and then wait to see if she believes you or thinks you are nuts. Tell her to remember her best friend and then distract her by saying you live in a place filled with idiots who still Trump is smart.

Am I in a particular kind of mood?

Damn right I am and if you don’t like it you can say “thank you sir may I have another.”

Fuck if I didn’t have a meeting where I looked at the guy and wondered if he remembered who he is talking to.

Not because I am some kind of tough guy but because I am the dog who does more than just bark.

Your Favorite Monkey

Someone once asked me to how I would describe them and I said they could tell people they were my favorite monkey.

“Your favorite monkey? That doesn’t sound like a compliment.”

It was but I was in a particular sort of mood and when I am in a particular sort of mood all bets are off as to what I will say or do.

If you know me well you can almost always tell what my intent is and if you can’t, well that might be too damn bad.

Or maybe not, it might not bother you.

Or maybe it does.

Not really sure what I am writing other than I have a bit of heartache and I am mildly irked but mostly confident.

It is an odd combination, a gallimaufry of nonsense.

Just Words On A Page

I had planned not to write here tonight because I had written elsewhere and felt like I had been sucked dry.

But this particular sort of mood is nagging at me and since I can’t do what I really want to shrug it off I had to adjust.

Had to find a way to take some of the edge off and thought about the different ways. One of my primary is exercise and that has been taken away.

Well not completely but radically adjusted because my damn gym is gone and I don’t own enough equipment here yet to satisfy all of the urges.

I intend to do something about that because I fear what happens if I don’t have more. Put in about 1.5 miles before the rain mucked things up and thought about what happens when more comes or the real cold returns.

It is not like I do nothing, but it impacts it and I need to do better so I am working on removing the roadblocks.

Damn, feh and bleah.

What a damn day.

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