I Don’t Chase People

Been a while since my son ran with the intention of not being caught by me and sometimes I miss it though I am fairly certain if I was within 10 feet I have a pretty good chance of catching him.

Most of the time I am still good for a very short sprint, but add some distance and it’s over.

Had a conversation with one of the guys that loves running and he suggested I consider running with a group.

“I don’t chase people and I don’t want to be the old man with no stamina.”

He laughed and told me I need to work back up to it just like I would do with weights.

“I understand that but there is a difference. I like lifting. Running bores me.”

“Might not if it you didn’t feel like you were sucking wind the whole time.”

He is probably right and given my competitive nature if you got me to commit I’d push myself hard enough not to be the slow guy and then I’d probably get bored again.

Maybe I Wouldn’t

It is possible I might not get bored. If I found the right motivation I’d keep going. It is in my nature to be relentless about some things so if this was one of them…

If we use the rules of the blog which demand brutal honesty there is another concern that weighs upon me.

It is knowing that all of the mileage upon this body makes itself known in ways I don’t always anticipate or expect and I keep having to mix things up.

One of the guys says the way to fix that is to lose 20 pounds and that it makes all the difference.

He might be right. I haven’t dropped chunks but not that 20 and thanks to stress, quarantine and lack of discipline I seem to put it back on until I notice it.

Then I take it off again, but I haven’t kept it off.

That is lack of discipline on my part. It is that simple.

I don’t make excuses.

The way it usually works is I get motivated and good things start happening and then I get tripped up and well you know the rest.

Used to be easier, but so were many other things.


Spent a few minutes flipping through the Nefesh B’Nefesh site earlier today because it never hurts to stay acquainted with resources.

Watched Maktub on Netflix and made a mental note to check when the third season of Shtisel is supposed to come out.

Did ok with the Hebrew, but was glad the subtitles were there to keep me on track.

Got email from a cousin in Jerusalem and realized I forgot to ask him how old he was when he left England.

Spent a few minutes thinking about how many English relatives I have that I was unaware of and wondered how many I may still have in Europe.

It made me wonder how many are still in Canada too, presuming they haven’t left.

More ‘Mistakes’ To Come

My right calf is twitching and my digestive system is twitching too but I don’t care because they report to the grape inside the melon on top of my neck.

It is a bit of a mutiny among body parts at time but I demand order and will force it upon the residents because I hate being uncomfortable on the regular.

So we’re in the process of making more changes and working on a few situations. It is either going to lead to some really good stuff or cause some chaos that will eventually lead to good stuff.

Let’s hope there is less pain and more gain.

Time will tell.

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