Who Soothes Your Soul

Kid asks about best ways to relax and calm your mind and I tell him you need to find the person who soothes your soul.

He asks if he knows them and I shake my head no and when he asks if I know them I nod my head yes.

“How do I not know them?”

“You don’t know a lot of people I know.”

“So how do you know them?”

“I could say spiritually and I could say biblically. Both are true.”

“Do you always have to mess with me?”

“Who says I am messing with you?”

“Do they say the same about you?”

“Only if they’re smart.”

“Does that mean they might not?”

“Yeah, it means they might have convinced themselves it is not socially acceptable or correct.”

“So how do you fix that?”

“I tell them to be careful not to kiss me or spend time alone and then I laugh because they know they will give in…willingly.”

“I find this intriguing. Will you tell me more?”

“Maybe one day. Maybe one June when the fire burns, burns, burns.”

What Will People Read

Almost submitted the top paragraph as part of a work of fiction. Thought about what people will read during a time of crisis and figured some sort of romance might work, ya know something for the almost middle aged.

A piece that would resonate with those with a little life experience and Shmatas that are older than some kids.

The kind where you tell the girl to put on her best dress cuz she gets to be queen, or maybe visit Buckingham Palace so she can be close to the queen.

And if none of that works you offer to play Queen, but something other than Bohemian Rhapsody.


Don’t know why, but I have this Frodo and Sam at the end of all things kind of feeling right now. It is a transition kind of moment, but there is something else going on.

I feel a little bit like a blind man asking a woman to Tango with him with this sense that she’ll do it albeit reluctantly, but warm to it and end up having a great time.

Or maybe it could be like a Christopher Walken kind of dance scene, who knows.

Honorable mention goes to a Swing Kids clip which reminds me of some clubs I have been in with people who drank enough to think they looked awesome and those who actually did.

Take A Ticket If You Dare

Daughter rolled her eyes at me when I tried to share a few Emerson quotes with her.

I told her one day they will be very significant to her and not just because they offer insight into her old man but because they are timeless.

Can’t say I was surprised that she wasn’t really interested or that it didn’t catch her eye now, but maybe it will rattle and roll around for a bit.

Maybe something will happen and it will flow up to the surface and grab her.

She doesn’t need to like it, love it or appreciate it for the same reasons I do. She is her own person, but I am not crazy.

I know things and I have more insight into life and people than she realizes and these will click. Can’t say when, just that they will.

All I know is today I told the kids that dear old dad is a believe in life and that if you want to live you have to take a ticket if you dare.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there and be courageous sometimes even if it means you make yourself vulnerable.

It is the only way to get to that next level we all hear about and so few go for. If you want to soothe your soul you have to work for it.

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