The Dumbest & Most Immoral Supporters

Discovered a new family member or maybe it is more accurate to say he discovered me, er us and so it came to be that we spoke for almost two hours.

Felt very comfortable and familiar and so I wonder about how many others discover a cousin or sibling they never knew about because of decisions made decades ago.

Would those same decisions be made today or would others be made instead. I don’t know.

Many of those who align themselves with the party of duplicity, disaster and antiscience like to position themselves as being other than the dumbest and most imm0ral supporters of a president.

Those same folks like to discuss things referenced above as only happening to certain kinds of people but the more stories I hear the more clear it becomes–it can and has happened to every group.

I find myself wondering if the social constructs of the past that pushed such things have the same impact now.

Probably, but I suspect with less impact than they once had.

A Different Take

Heard from Jack, that old scallywag and spent a chunk of time hanging with him but didn’t run into Vince Millay, Datingmaster Jerusalem or some of the other old timers.

But we did take a moment to talk about what is, what was and what still may yet be.

Was quite the conversation, oh yes it was.

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