Every Family Has A Tale

This morning I discovered one of my daughter’s friends was playing archeologist and digging through the archives here.

I had great fun showing off my own Indiana Jones skill and sharing the screenshot that showed where she had been and what she had been doing.

Cue music and picture me running with Fedora and bullwhip in hand, old man doesn’t have great endurance but bursts of speed are still pretty good.

Anyhoo, some hours later a cousin reached out with family news and I have spent the last few hours trying to figure out if I know any part of the backstory about this

Which is my vague way of saying I learned about someone who was adopted who had gone looking for us.

Can’t say I was totally surprised because I know of a half dozen stories of people who have learned about a sibling they never knew they had.

Tomorrow I’ll connect with the cousin I never knew about and we’ll see where it all leads. Cue Indiana Jones again.

Whatever Will You Find

Anyhoo if you go digging through the posts and the one before this you never do know what you will find or whether it will have meaning for you.

If you are me you’ll make random remarks that people won’t know what to do with like you looked at a picture of someone and their kids and thought they looked radiant.

I’ll let you figure out if that is a compliment or if we are talking about angles, can you figure out the radians.

And I’ll assure you that when I discover digging I may have to place my own fossils and gems to be found here and elsewhere.

So here we are, you, I and the 983,0893,830 others who occasionally venture too deep into the woods and find themselves at the castle gates or inside the secret garden.

It can be a great place for those who belong and less great for those who don’t because some of the denizens are friendly and some…aren’t.

Can’t Wait

Looking forward to learning more about the family news, it really is fascinating to me. So many stories, so many twists and turns.

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