Stories About Virgos

A more superstitious man than I might have believed he was being assaulted via Voodoo Dolls or other dark magic today.

I took a more rational approach and reviewed the list of Covid19 symptoms and thought maybe that could be it or that maybe it might be something else.

Was hard to focus because the monster inside my head was working with a drill and a jackhammer in two different places.

So I closed my eyes and told it to either kill me or get the fuck out before shoved a butter knife through my ear and or up my nose to scoop it out.

Either would have been satisfactory, especially if it killed the gremlin inside.

Listening to random noise from the television I swore I thought I heard stories about Virgos and thought about how I know a few.

Hell, I even have some good stories about those Virgos, but I won’t share most, if any here other than to say a smart Virgo always listens to their Taurus..

That is just common sense.

When Sunday Night Doesn’t Matter

Can’t tell you how relieved I am to have a Sunday night where I don’t have to worry about a work week, even if there are a couple of things to attend to.

Going to turn off my alarm and sleep until I wake up, which probably means about 8, but that works for me.

Got an idea for a story about a birthday and all sorts of other stuff floating through my head but again I won’t share that here.

So let’s shift gears and set sail for for wish island in which I find a bag of about $50k which would be enough to cover some home gym equipment, take care of upcoming vacation when we can travel again and still put money in savings.

Ok, it would cover a few other things too but let’s not go crazy with details because if that is where we want to head we might as well increase the found cash by a magnitude of 10.

Dream big my friends, that is what we say. Win, find or earn the big payday and retire sooner than later.

It would be a nice change to work because I want to and not because I have to.

Might Make A Few More

Told a few people if you never want to take a risk you’ll never enjoy the real highs of life and they told me you’ll avoid the real lows.

I disagree.

You can’t avoid the rough spots and hard moments, at best you can avoid encountering a few but you will always hit some.

That is not what I am about. I take action and do my best to avoid the big mistakes including those made by not taking a chance.

You don’t get a room at the Fairmont by sitting on your hands. You don’t wind up on a beach enjoying a great vacation by ducking your head.

Those things happen by being willing to put yourself out there and have a real discussion and by taking a swing a the pitch.

You miss every shot you don’t take- not a cliche but reality.

Taurus knows.

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