A Bad Time To See A Doctor

Bad things are going on during a bad time to see a doctor so you have to weigh the consequences of home remedies and self diagnosis against going to see a doc.

Some of it seems silly because you can call it the result of stress and some of it you can say goes beyond what was once normal.

It begs the question of what the new normal is and whether the new normal holds enough abnormal to merit making an appointment.

There is the uncertainty that comes with placing yourself in places where you might be more likely to encounter Covid19 and that which comes with not getting help for things that may not be improving at the pace they ought to be.

The rub is the lack of expertise that enables you to provide a solid diagnosis of condition or conditions and how fast things ought to move there.

So you can sit around and ponder whether you might be able to solve said event on your own or whether you need assistance.

That is a sort of Gordian knot because of lack of information and expertise. Does it require action and if so, will lack thereof make it worse?

Or is it the kind of thing you can sit on for a bit and know that some discomfort now will yield benefits down the road in that you will not risk exposure.

Words Are All We Ever Had

One of the guys says that dating during a time of Covid is hard and I laugh. He asks what is so funny and I say it is dating for Victorians.

“Pretend you’re in Downton Abbey and you are the Duke of Donuts.”

“I would never be the Duke of Donuts, there is no such place.”

“I bet you’re wrong and that somewhere in this giant world there is such a place and they might make the best Apple Fritter you have ever had. And even if there isn’t, you can always say you want to build a sweet kingdom/castle with her (whomever you’re corresponding with) and if she doesn’t tell you that is a horrible line you can thank me later.

Regardless, you can use that in 17 different ways if you have a good imagination and right now you need the help. It is a time for wooing by distance.

I could write a story called Words Are All We Ever Had and someone would melt.”

“Who would melt and why don’t I know their name?”

“You might know their name already but I am not saying.”

“Can you give me a clue?”

“I could but only if you made a ketchup sandwich with chunky peanut butter and washed it down with a soda.”

“That sounds disgusting and I have no idea how it is relevant.”

“You don’t need to know. Just remember beaches require salt water, the Sound of Music is awful and the right woman will let you Rambutan her. But tell her no at least once, it will make her crazy.”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re messing with me or someone else?”

“Maybe you ought to see a doctor because that feeling you describe sounds unpleasant. Get some Penicillin.”

“I’d ask if you are always a pain-in-the-ass but I know the answer already.”

“Hooray for being a college graduate.”


I stumbled across a note I wrote myself eight years ago.

“Dad, I think  you ought to shower and go to sleep. You look like you are fat-ah-goo.

I didn’t insult you. Fat-ah-goo is one of my vocabulary words.”

I laughed and said, “you mean fatigue, as in f-a-t-i-g-u-e, right.”

“Oh, is that how are supposed to pronounce it? That makes more sense.”

The younger Mr. Wilner said it, he was 12 at the time. The kid is a phonetic speller and when he read it that is how he processed it.

I need to remind him about that. He’ll appreciate it.

It makes me smile, reminds me of when he was much more of a kid. He has a very adult vocabulary and has a for a long while now, but back then there was more kid.

To Be Or Not To Be

I have been writing up a storm again, putting words upon paper or screen in a variety of places. Practicing my craft to see if I can produce something better than I have done in the past and got lost thinking about old Willie Shakespeare.

Was very curious about his approach and how he did what he did. Wondered like so many others if we’ll ever find more of his work that has never been seen before and what we’ll think if we do.

Will it be lauded because it is truly good or seen as less than because it doesn’t measure up.

And if it is praised, will it deserve the good words or be given more than a kindness because of reputation.

But mostly I wonder what he would have said to me about writing, assuming that the rumors that he didn’t write all of his works are untrue.

Or something like that and with that I beg your leave because parts of me are unwilling to hold this position any longer.

Rambutan with your lover and orangutan with your friend- creamy rules peanut butter and soda- JW has left the building and perhaps his mind.

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