Does She Know Things?

There came a day when the Queen and the Queen Mum both left comments and one was left to wonder if the Queen Mum had insight into circumstances no one expected her t0 have.

One might ask, “Does she know things” while laughing because I do know things and could speak about tasty delights, unexpected interruptions and 10,000 other stories.

Really, while monkeying around one might beck…on another to come forward or at least agree to break bread together,

That is all under the assumption that one day there will be meals in restaurants, apartments and or hotels not to mention hotels.

Could be a trip through Europe, Hawaii or perhaps Israel among others or perhaps not.

The Longest Short Year Meets Weekends

2020 might be the longest short year I have ever experienced and it has taught its time chicanery to the weekends.

I blinked and Friday night turned into Saturday night only to be surprised that a second blink brought me to the end of the weekend.

Do I really have to prepare myself for the work week already?

Don’t answer that question because I already know what you will say. Already know that somewhere Dad is telling me labor day is every day while reminding me that his dad played a dirty trick on him and didn’t leave him a fortune.

If Grandpa were here he’d point the finger at my Zaide and even he might tell me to take it up with his dad.

Makes me wonder a bit what my Great-Great Grandfather would share regarding the manner were I able to ask.

I can visualize standing in front of him demanding an explanation for the words of three older generations of Wilner men.

Given that he must have been born around 1860 or so that sort of humor might not be something he related to or maybe he did.

We think he died around 1932 so he lived into the 20th century and given that he was born post Industrial Revolution maybe he would have understood it better than I think.

I could do the research but it doesn’t really matter because knowing won’t put a dime in my pocket or a dollar in my wallet.

Confession Time

Got a few to make but I won’t share most here however I’ll tell you I am already exhausted at the thought of a few things.

That concerns me because I have endless amounts of energy and patience for quite a bit and if on a Sunday night I don’t have what I expect…well.

Vacation must be had.

Time off is required and it has to happen soon or bad things will happen. So I’ll take care of it, but first I have to attend to some stuff.

Maybe I’ll share one day, maybe not. 🙂


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