Confessions Of A Man You Know

Turn on Reflections Of My Life and smile cuz I know you know I wanted to get your attention and now I have got it.

Lead into confessions of a man you know who hesitates to admit he picked up his work phone, responded to an email and made a call today in spite of having promised not to do it.

Silly man, that dude has gotten physically ill because of a few things and yet he dove back into it because when he is driven he simply is driven.

That guy will hit the wall at full speed and do it again and again if necessary. And if it doesn’t appear to work, well he’ll adjust and try something different but he’ll keep coming.

Some call it determined, some call it obsessive and some don’t call it a damn thing because they don’t know what a work ethic is.

But that silly man, he does and if he is motivated he can keep going for way too long.

It is a mix of intellectual and gut that drives him and he doesn’t listen very well to most and even the few who can hold his attention might not keep it if he isn’t convinced about their intentions.

A 1000 Steps Short

Someone I know would appreciate this for all sorts of reasons but I won’t get into it here. Spent a chunk of time walking and came 100o steps short of the 12k from the picture above.

Had to wrestle with that dude about checking the work email again but used this song as motivation for writing elsewhere.

Anyhoo, I was involved in a trivia contest the other day in which we had to guess the names of a host of songs and didn’t miss a single one.

Couldn’t believe that some people had no clue about this one because it has been around forever and is still being played.

Another ‘contestant’ said we ought to get songs that people under 45 might know so I made a point to tell him they played that last one at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and the kids sang along with it.

Not that any of this matters.

Cue music break.

Stroke Or Heart Attack

Heard the words in the dream that if you don’t change your ways you’ll have a stroke or a heart attack and saw Dad and Grandpa standing outside a window looking at me.

Waved at them both, nodded and said “I have got this.”

Saw them shake their heads and told them again that “I have got this” and held their gaze.

Somewhere mid walk I thought about it again and wondered if it was just a dream or if they had found a way to Frume Sarah me.

Can’t say I believe it and can’t say I don’t because I didn’t get this stubborn streak by chance though I have reason to look across the aisle at the other side too.

So who knows if they didn’t find a way to make the trip back to give me a message and wouldn’t it be just like them not to share the winning lottery numbers with me.

Yeah, make the son/grandson earn it all, no reason to help him retire early.

Anyhoo, I have to believe I have got this because not believing would be huge handicap and disservice.

Can’t let this be the old Ball and Chain, not this time.

Called down the thunder and now I ride the lightning and keep my fingers crossed I don’t fall off and burn my ass.

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