A Three Continent Conversation

Got a beer in hand, headphones on and hands on the keyboard (yeah, I have that many hands) while I go through the mental notes of recent events.

The conversation with the lovely Sally Quartermain and how Shmatas love my gentle touch and how close I came to having grown up in the UK.

Heck, she could have been lucky enough to become the Lady of the Castle and who knows maybe it will still happen because given the mishegoss here I might cross the sea and reclaim a Scottish castle as my own.

Been digging through family roots which led to a conversation between Wilner men on three continents and have had enormous fun filling in gaps in family history.

Now we three swap stories and try to validate the tales we have been told since our youth about uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers.

It is part of why I had to noctambulate my way through part of the evening not that the cops outside my home had anything to do with my interest in the evening sky.

Beers For Breakfast

Sent my last professional email of Tuesday night at 12:30 AM and got a response saying thank you and go to sleep.

I sent another email because that is just how I roll.

Had the kind of day in which I wondered if someone had a JW Voodoo doll and was poking it with needles.

By 1 PM I was begging the Voodoo doll holder to meet me in person for single combat. I even offered to give them a tank while I would use nothing more than a shillelagh.

Eventually I offered to go in armed with nothing but my half wit and a promise to rip their good arm off of them so that I could slap some sense into them.

They didn’t show and I sent my last email at 10:30 and wrote a reminder to print out a script I wrote for myself for a meeting.

Don’t expect me to use it because I’ll take a few glances so I know what I want to say and then run with it.

Things will go very well or very ugly which is why I like the idea of beer for breakfast.

Won’t do it, but I like it.

Can’t provide too many details, but I had a conversation today that would have made my children run and hide.

The kind of thing where my voice was closer to a hiss and I just knew the person on the other side was praying I didn’t have a way to activate their video for the look in my eyes would have burned their soul.

Really…burned their soul.

To ashes…and then the ashes would have blown away in a silent desert wind that included a loud howl.

No hyperbole.

Life’s Tough All Over

Somewhere in the midst of the chaos and confusion I started thinking about what the old man would say about current events.

Heard him say there are two ways to do things, “the right way and the wrong way but you chose the hard way” and shook my head.

Paused for a beat, closed my eyes and silently said “don’t say it” and damn if he didn’t fool me and use that other line.

“Life’s tough all over.”

Can’t tell you how many times I heard it followed by something like “if you don’t like it go do something about it.”

Most of the time I did or at least I tried to.

Will be a while before I get to sleep, even with this beer, but I will and then tomorrow I’ll go do something about it.

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