How To Chase Away Your Readers

“Keep calling us names like Trumpanzee or calling us stupid and you’ll chase away readers, including those who haven’t yet walked away.”

I only wish they could have tried to say it to me in person so they would get the full force of my sarcasm and see me doubled over with laughter or feigned sorrow.

But they can’t and not only because the leader of their Death Cult has made them agree to celebrate stupidity, cruelty and disdain for other but because he bungled the pandemic.

Because he doesn’t care who lives or dies and has convinced his Mickey Mouse Club of Misery and Monstrosity that we ought to greet weakness with a sneer.

Don’t trip, fall or get sick in Trumpland because he convinced the rubes there is something wrong with offering a hand up which I’ll never understand.

Why wouldn’t you want to teach people how to fish so they can feed themselves instead of telling them they are stupid for not having the good sense to be born to a rich family.

Rage Against It All

I told SQ long ago that I have the strength, determination and fire in the belly to rage against it all even if it doesn’t always make sense because it doesn’t.

You look at my history and you’ll find the kid that slammed his head against the ground when he got angry and was enraged by the pain that followed.

Wasn’t wise, clever or smart but I learned not to do it and to channel that energy in more positive ways. I learned how to use it to wear down that which needed to be polished, changed and or adjusted in some way.

I learned how to walk away from people and things that weren’t worth the time and energy and how to push against systems and structures.

Learned how to pick apart arguments using logic and reason and how to look someone in the eye and tell them they are too fucking stupid to understand what they said/wrote is worthy of a merit badge in extreme ignorance.

“Congratulations Waldo, you just won First Prize in the Village Idiot and Dopey Dullards contest. Your prize is a self administered enema using a barbed pole dipped in Tabasco sauce.

Reasonable People Can Disagree

Some of you have tried to sell me on joining your death cult by suggesting reasonable people can agree to disagree.

It is a nice platitude that sounds good when we are discussing what sort of condiment you ought to put on your sandwich.

“Here Becky, try Uncle Noah’s nasty nut butter. I got you the extra creamy with the secret chunk because I know you like that.”

Sounds reasonable, except you are not asking for that.

You are asking for me to join you on the side that says we ought to use the same kind of logic that led to the Bubonic plague wiping out way too many people.

“Hey now, I am an attorney that knows a thing or two about meat, big trucks and guns. That qualifies me to tell you that washing your hands after your defecate is a mistake. Lick your fingers clean and thank Jesus for giving you God’s magical tongue to clean yourself. It works for dogs and absolutely will work for you too.”

Yeah, I know that saying I want the best doctors to check me out is bad because the death cult has made you think elitist is a bad word.

Someone who wasn’t smart enough to understand what the intelligent people say/think was offended about being too stupid to keep up and managed to convince others not to trust the smart doctor.

I sort of appreciate it, some of those really smart people are obnoxious. As the kiddies say, sometimes the smart as fuck is an ass, but that doesn’t automatically disqualify them in my eyes.

If you are my doc I want you to be the best. I want you to be the smartest. I hope you have a good bedside manner and are kind, but first I want the man/woman who just gets it.

The person wh0 can see how the puzzle pieces fit together or how they should because that is of paramount importance.

So no, reasonable people can’t always agree to disagree. If you believe in cruelty, celebrate stupidity and refuse to hold a fool accountable while constantly pointing fingers are others I will ignore you.

Or worse.

And don’t get me started on the statistics you share half of which are made up numbers book ended by those that are incorrect of because 0f math errors or statistically insignificant.

You don’t understand what you post, why is not applicable and or can’t see the math errors.

Feh, bleah and bah to you. Go get a bag full of Uncle Noah’s sweaty sour balls and suck on those while you read one of those yellow math/history/government books for dummies.

You need the help.

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