Another Lockdown

I am ready to set sail before another lockdown happens but for two things:

1) I don’t own a ship or even a row boat.

2) I don’t know where I would sail to but I have a few ideas.

The former is more important than the latter but if you ask me the Oompa-Loompa in the Oval Office isn’t going to be supportive of another lockdown and will fight it.

He has bungled handling this on every possible level and he is too arrogant and too dumb to admit to being over matched by the virus.

Too much political capital has been spent trying to convince his minions that everything is ok so I don’t see the leader of a death cult admitting he has fumbled the ball again.

It irks me to no end to see how badly this has been handled because all it does is extend the pain and discomfort for all of us.

And if you ask me I see scant evidence that our fellow citizens are willing to lock it down again.

If the dope in the Oval changed his tune I think he could influence the cult but as I said I see little hope that will happen.

Life With It

No matter what happens things have changed and we’ve reached the place where there is what was, what is and what will be.

Life with it will be different and we’re going to have to continue to make adjustments.

It is part of why I bought a second refrigerator a couple months ago because I wanted to reduce the need to have to be among the public.

That irks me in all sorts of ways but I’d rather do what I can to limit exposure and try to manage circumstances than be managed by the virus.

I find myself wondering when I’ll be ready to do things in public

When will I be ready to go to plays, concerts and sporting events?

When will I be ready to go to movie theaters?

I am confident there will be a time.

When I think back to the first flights I took Post 911 I remember the concern and uncertainty and now those days are far behind.

It is irritating sometimes to think about how many changes we were forced to make because of others but that is how life is.

We end up changing because life requires change or stagnation and I don’t intend to be stagnant.

One day there will be meals with friends and family in the ways we once did but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to move on that sooner if possible.

Nor does it mean that because I miss it I will push for it to happen without precaution or thought.

All things in their time, even if that is not as fast as I would like them to be.

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