Your Best Friend & Hamilton

Hamilton was about an hour too long for me but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it because I did.

I have taken a physical and mental beating the past two weeks or so and tonight I was low on patience so it was harder to focus.

Liked the music, but it was hard paying attention for as long as was required.

Got ambushed today and was more than a little unhappy about it especially as it came the day after someone else pulled some shtick and now they are on the list.

Don’t present yourself as my best friend because if I accept I will hold you too it and I will drag you for bad behavior.

It is because I am hard to pin down so I give that to you I give a lot and expect a lot in return and that my friends is about as much detail as I will give in this venue.

I have done what is required and then some, let’s hope that translates into the win I have pushed for because I hate to think of what happens if it doesn’t.

What Stories Are We Writing?

If you are among the long time readers you’ll notice I have been on a Hans Zimmer kick lately.

I am a big fan of his soundtracks for simple listening and creative purposes. They relax me and unlock some of the creative closets within the old melon.

Been thinking about it because I have written a number of stories recently and or added parts and pieces to them and some of his work feels ever so appropriate.

What I haven’t figured out yet is whether the movies associated with these soundtracks are seeping into my head and influencing my thoughts.

Might be.

Not sure that is a bad idea because what I see and hear isn’t the same as on the screen so I don’t worry about plagiarism and there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other art.

Some of you might even be interested in learning more about the process and hearing the inside scoop but I suspect you won’t ask.

Maybe later, maybe not.

Some things you can’t predict with the sort of accuracy and control we might like.

That lack of control is why the last couple of weeks have been so damn hard as I have been engaged in a daily war for it.

It is a war I am winning but only because I know control is a myth and that the other party will never get what they want here.

Not because I am fighting them but because what they are doing is the equivalent of trying to stop the earth from rotating.

Most of the time I wouldn’t care or be bothered by their nonsense but they have created a situation in which I can’t ignore it so every day I go into battle.

Reminds me of a situation Dad encountered and I will do no less than he did.


Back in the land of story writing I put pen upon paper and pumped out some material I think is pretty damn good.

Now we’ll see if it gets any play or if it is just ignored.

There is so much content out there and so many distractions it wouldn’t be unexpected to be missed or celebrated.

It is just that kind of moment.

The sort where I expect we may not recognize the stories we are writing or who is coming along for the ride until we are well into it or maybe out of part of it.

Trust in a Taurus, we know things.

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