Socialism Scares The Ignorant

Got a Facebook feed which includes a variety of political commentary much of which is based upon the ignorant remarks of the echo chamber of the poster’s choice.

It is more than a little disturbing to see some of the conspiracy theory claptrap and propaganda promulgated by people who ought to know better than to blindly accept what they are fed.

Especially given these same people will tell you they don’t believe the media is honest.

“Josh, you can’t believe the New York Times but this stranger I found on YouTube is totally credible.”

Sometimes I roll my eyes and challenge them to do some research that isn’t a Google search into sites that are so clearly partisan you’ll lean to the right or left if you stand on them.

But not always.

Sometimes I just go by because I know they are set in their ways and their comment about socialism being evil isn’t based upon their own knowledge or anyone they know.

It is exacerbated by knowing they don’t know enough about socialism or any other ‘ism’ to speak authoritatively about why it is good or bad.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Old friend reaches out in the midst of a brutal week and tells me about a potential love interest and his irritation.

“I know she cares about me but I don’t know what she really thinks.”

I laugh and tell him he can lay his cards on the table and demand an answer.

“Not going to do it during Covid. I won’t get a real response. She is too damn nervous to be honest with herself.”

I laugh.

“You have your answer. She loves you, she loves you not.”

I feel him roll his eyes and he asks me if I have ever been in a position with someone who seemed wishy-washy.

“I might have been but I don’t think that is how she would describe herself. I also think there is merit to not making a big deal of this during a pandemic.

If she really cares for you she’ll make herself available.

“What if she doesn’t?”

“Maybe she’ll tell stories about you, the red head boy that got away. Or maybe she’ll say that she got away.”

We both laugh and he says he likes the first version.

“Of course.”


Back in my world I am exhausted from the last two years, er two days.

Got through it solely by grit, force of will and luck.  Granted I made some of my own luck but it wasn’t easy.

Learned a lot and reinforced my belief in not waiting for change or just going along because time is limited.

Got to live now, not later.

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