The Love Of Your Life

Got some meatheads who have the mistaken idea they can win an online argument and that calling me brainwashed, ignorant and or clueless are meaningful.

Another came at me by saying I must obviously be single and a virgin who has never had a woman say I am the love of their life.

I don’t know how this is supposed to apply to my understanding or lack thereof of politics but I found it humorous.

It is almost like being 16 again in a locker room in which some other boy tried to insult my manhood by suggesting I had no experience with women.

Without going into detail let me assure you that camp and Jewish youth groups had taken care of that (sorry mom) and I wasn’t bothered by that accusation.

What bothered me was his trying to bully me which is also why I hit him in the head.

Wasn’t as clean a shot as I wanted it to be but when you are trying to avoid being seen by the coach you make do.

Age Does Funny Things

A thousand years ago I remember sitting with some of the guys and having a conversation about which girls had said they would have our babies.

We felt like big shots because it seemed like a very big deal that a girl liked us enough to say we could become parents together.

I think we were about 22 or 23 so none of us wanted to be fathers just yet but we kind of liked the idea happening down the road a bit.

Since I have a kid who is most of the way to 20 it is easy to look at who we were and recognize how very young we were.

It is also easy to admit that most of those discussions were more along the lines of “what will we do if I get pregnant” and less about “I want to start a family with you.”

Although it is worth mentioning that a few of the guys in that room have a son or daughter in their late twenties or so.

All those guys also have kids who are about half as old as their brother/sister which is to say they were planned and older sibling wasn’t.

Anyhoo where I don’t have a problem saying I wanted to have a few more kids than I do I am glad I didn’t have to grow up faster than I did.

Those older kids are all well loved and the guys worked hard to provide for them but it wasn’t easy.


Age does funny things.

Time goes by and you look back at certain moments and events and recognize you weren’t as old as you thought you were.

In some cases you wish you had recognized that because you could have taken a little more time to do some things.

You could have changed this and that and maybe it would have made a difference.

Don’t take that to mean I am wasting time wishing I could have done it all differently because I am not.

I know what I would change and what I wouldn’t but I can’t go back and can only move forwards.

It is just interesting to me how you reach certain plateaus and gain perspective you didn’t have before.

Now I see all sorts of things and if ever there has been a time where I can say with confidence “I know things” now is it.

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