Ninety Percent Of The Way

Somewhere between the 100,000 words for business and those for pleasure I decide to check on an old email address and discover 134 bazillion emails for people who aren’t me but are using this address.

So I poke around for a bit and wonder how long it took for some of these dopes to realize they were sending bills, marketing emails and assorted correspondence to an address that wasn’t theirs.

I pinball my way from there to an old blog and see a YouTube video that doesn’t work anymore and some comments and wonder what the hell it was.

Do a little detective work and figure out it is this one and then move over to a different email address I use with greater frequency.

It is technically a back up but I still use it for this and that. I discover that this one too has a bunch of emails for people who aren’t me and get irritated.


Because I have corresponded with a few and politely asked them to remember their email address must include an initial or two that are different than mine.

Since they have failed to care about this I fail to be concerned about unsubscribing from newsletters, cancelling orders, saying no to invitations and interviews.

Long Rocky Beaches

The thumbnail of this shot made me think of long rocky beaches why reminds me it is good that I am going to see the eye doc soon.

Spent more than a few minutes staring at spreadsheets and computer screens and noticed some smaller fonts are slightly harder to see than they once were.

Been busting my butt to get a few things done and had a big win today that made me smile because it is very significant and could lead to some big stuff.

At the same time I reminded myself that 90 percent of the way isn’t enough to celebrate because there are things that can happen that might derail it a bit.

I like to believe that to be unlikely as the hard work and effort put in to prepare things out to carry over and lead to some secondary wins, but you have to be like the Gambler and remember not to count your cards at the table.

Traveled a road well outside my comfort zone to get here and did so in spite of multiple road blocks both human and otherwise.

When someone asked about it I said I like being the dark horse you don’t see coming. I don’t need a lot of fanfare, just know I am capable and that when I say clear the way it makes sense to do so.

Or understand that if you don’t clear a path I will make one even if it means I use unconventional paths and means to do it.

It is almost always easier to ask for forgiveness for taking action than to say failed to act and missed out on opportunity because fear of failure flummoxed you.

I may have been flummoxed once or twice but I have a track record of flummoxing the flummoxer so there is that.

And yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous but dammit if both Mr. Wilners didn’t make magic happen today so I’ll celebrate now because who knows what the tide will bring tomorrow. 🙂

Got that last 10 percent to cover, but that is ok because we’re 90 percent of the way.

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