The Making Of Men

2020 has been an exceptional year that those of us who are living through will remember for the rest of our lives.

It would be easy to list the negatives and challenges that have come with it but for the moment I’d rather tell you about a huge positive that materialized because of social distancing.

The Friday night Zoom with the boys.

It has become one of the highlights of the week. Most 0f the guys are people I know from high school or our fraternity days in college which are more than a few years ago.

In most cases we go back to the eighties but even the guys I have known for shorter periods have been around for decades.

Which is to say we have known each other to know something about the making of the men we are today

The years and shared experiences provide a comfort level that has been very significant in a time of great discomfort.

Eventually there will be a return to some sort of normalcy but I hope we’ll continue to assemble because I think we all get much from our time together.

We lean on each other and draw strength from each other and men don’t always do that well.

More Could Be Said

Far more could be said because I haven’t done justice to our Friday night sessions but tonight we’ll keep this short.

Midnight has arrived and as usual I am wide awake.

Chances are good that I’ll receive a text or two during the next few hours and even if I don’t I’ll likely write more elsewhere or spend some time reading on the couch.

Sometimes it requires darkness to see the stars.

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