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Two hours of zooming with the boys helped me pull free of the quicksand of a monster project that has taken significant amounts of focus and effort.

Truth is I wasn’t sure I was in the mood to sit online again especially when the group hits more than four or five.

Not because I don’t enjoy catching up but because sometimes it turns into a project trying to carry on a real conversation and given the effort of the week I don’t necessarily feel like expending more energy.,

Especially given the chaos and confusion of as crazy a time as I can remember, but tonight was good.

Tonight I needed to take a break from the noise, aggravation and nonsense to hang with guys who I go back more than 30 years with.

It is a diverse group including professional musicians, salespeople, attorneys and businessmen. There are fathers, married and divorced men.

Regardless of who we are now we all go back to at least college and fraternity life, if not longer. So we reminisce about the silly things we did, give thanks that the Internet and social media didn’t exist then and catch up on the present.

A Word From Our Sponsor

Turn on Alan Parsons, debate whether to link to the prior post and start tapping on the keyboard some more.

Some bloggers have written and asked if I am concerned about the federal move to regulate social media because there is concern about broad language and its interpretation.

“You know it could potentially impact us. This could be the thing that shuts down comment sections and changes stuff. This could be the chilling effect we have heard people talk about for years.”

Don’t think I don’t think about the right response to this monstrosity in office, his cult and cabal of gutless advisers who have no compunction about taking a Machiavellian approach to maintaining power.

Don’t think I don’t wonder if the courts will do the right thing and if members of his party who I know do not believe that his actions are a threat to democracy.

I do and based upon what I have seen there is reason to be concerned that too few will stand up and demand better.

Too many times we have said one line too many has been crossed and expected change only to see it not happen.

But there is also a part of me that gets a sense the murder of George Floyd might be a turning point. I could still be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first or last time.

But I could be right too.

Get enough people to vote and things can happen, even if the wannabe mobster is actively setting the stage for claiming the vote is/was rigged.

Mine is Being Created

Every day another page is added and every day the chapters are fleshed out.

Every day we are one step closer to an ending and one more towards a new beginning.

Soon we’ll see what end and start look like.

I have my ideas.

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