The Lying Scale

Someone asked if the lying scale is a reference to measuring speech from the White House and I said no, although it could be.

In this case I am referring to a scale I stood upon and numbers that left me feeling shock, horror and some disgust.

I have been exercising through the entire quarantine but apparently I have been eating too so now I need to make an adjustment on both of them.

Looked up at the sky and told the universe if it sent me $25k I’d use a chunk of that to build a home gym and promised to show results in a short time.

There was no acknowledgement by lightning, rainbow or heavenly gong so I assume my request is still being considered.

You’re A Fool & So Is He

A guy tells me I can’t possibly be correct because he and a friend both agree that my political position is flawed.

“Brother, you are a fool and so is he. Equations with bad math are wrong even if they look correct. Don’t tell me your position is stronger because you think you found a doctor who supports your theory, especially when you didn’t get it from the source.”

I wait for him to respond and then I tell I him I cut and paste his information and Googled it back to the source.

“Not a doctor, though I can understand why you thought and hoped they might be. But they aren’t and yet again the sword you’re trying to swing is as powerful as a wet noodle. Makes a wet splat but not much else.”


It’s a strange time in America and a strange time in the world but part of me is very excited. Part of me is filled with hope because the younger Mr. Wilner shared big news with me.

News that I hope will do so very much that I cannot spell out here because it is not my story to share, but damn.

Damn if maybe for the first time in a long time I see very blue skies. Won’t let myself get more excited than that, got to wait and see a few things first.

Things For Or From The Future

The younger Mr. Wilner and I speak about many things and I share some of Brother Pablo’s best with him.

He says the quote above sounds like it could be negative and I say it could be, but it might not.

“If you know what it is like to ache and be a part. If you know what it is  like to choke without air you also know the other side too and that is worth a pretty penny.”

Don’t know if he really bought into it but that is ok. Some things aren’t understood without a particular set of experiences.

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