The Neck & The Nose

I am fired up and been sharing some of that fire here and there.

Reminds me of the time this woman pulled my nose into her neck and accused me of sticking it there. I had to remind her that back in the day she kissed me first and though it is in vogue to make up facts now I know better.

Some people think they are the boss and some…aren’t. 🙂

Anyhoo, the days have been longer than normal or should I say the work days. It is kind of funny to me because I keep hearing from people about all the things we ought to be doing while working from home.

Ya know the bit about schedules, breaks and what have you.

Funny because I have worked from a home office for years now and I adopted the right attitude long ago.

But during this moment in time everything is off a bit and I suppose I am too. I am mostly ok with that.


You Remind Me Of Sparks

During my feisty festival of firing off missives and diatribes someone asked me if I knew that I wasn’t fire but sparks.

I told them many had said I reminded them of Sparks and quoted old Nick. I don’t know if they understood I was messing with them or not.

Don’t care.

Someone else asked me if I thought I was Casanova and I said “no, I am Nicholas Sparks.”

They probably didn’t understand that either and that is ok with me too. Got lots of people who don’t understand me and people that do but say they don’t just to be difficult.

I could pump the heck out of them and see if that brings about any sense, smile or relief but in these crazy times who knows.

Or should I say some teens have told me not to use slang or try to talk cool cuz I am not.

I always let them know I don’t care about being cool so that works fine for me and then I get a massive eyeroll which I gladly take over the drum roll because it is too damn late for all that racket.


Read an article about the coming  fall semester at universities and wondered what we are going to see.

I know of multiple kids who are supposed to head off to school and am wondering how that is supposed to work.

I don’t have answers and I am happy not to have to worry about that particular Gordian knot at this moment.

Maybe we’ll see some sort of developments in the next few months that provide reason and resources to make for a regular semester or quarter but maybe we won’t.

It is an uncomfortable silence waiting for some and there is no doubt this moment in time will impact the rest of the lives of the kids of the day.

Some people take this as automatically having a negative connotation but I am not convinced that is the case.

There are lots of possibilities and ways this can push people and for some I think there will be positivity.

Because even with the massive amounts of stupid floating around there are some pretty incredible people doing some pretty incredible things.

Humans are nothing if not resilient and innovative.

Long Rocky Beaches

There are songs that talk about long rocky beaches in a romantic sort of way but as someone who has walked upon them I have to say I am not sure that is accurate.

I am a beach lover and have spent countless hours in the water or on the shoreline. Never takes much to motivate me to go.

But I have noticed that long rocky beaches can hurt your feet. They aren’t necessarily comfortable to sit on and even in shoes you have to be careful not to twist your ankles.

Still I would go to the beach right now, if there was one close by and I didn’t have to worry about the people of lollipop land roaming by me without mask or care about social distancing.

Since I am not close I d0n’t have to worry about such things.

Kind of good, kind of  bad.

Did I mention I am over tired and feeling far too silly.

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