Looking For A Lost Monkey

The man chastises me for not being civil and says I am part of the problem with discourse but I won’t apologize or let go.

“You support the biggest disaster to ever to be elected to office. A man who is celebrated for being a bully and whose coarse and crass behavior is excused. You don’t get to lecture me about being civil and if you don’t like it, Go Fuck Yourself with something barbed and dripping with poison.”

A bystander says I ought to share my real feelings and I shake my head because I know in most cases it doesn’t matter.

The individual who tried to lecture me is duller than a butter knife. If their brain was a pool of water you’d try to figure out if they had stuck their head inside an oven because the water had mostly evaporated.

It is the kind of depth in which a grasshopper would look like a giant.

Truth is I’d like to speak more about my efforts to find a lost monkey and bring them home but I suppose I ought to save that monkey business for…elsewhere.

A Little Fired Up

I am feeling a little fired up and I suspect that if Grandpa Wilner were here even he would tell me not to let that Wilner temper send me into battle.

Most of you won’t know that I could do no virtually no wrong in his eyes and so the one time he yelled at me it made an impression.

Thing is I know from my response to certain things how much I have changed.

Several people came looking for me online and I didn’t bother to acknowledge them.

Wouldn’t have been particularly hard, words are my friend and I can throw them upon the page with minor effort.

But these fools didn’t deserve my attention and though I could have shredded them it wouldn’t have influenced them in the slightest and I am not sure if anyone else would have cared.

So what is the point in figuratively slapping people silly when they haven’t enough sense to know what you have done.

Thought about writing about walking the line, dancing in rings of fire and or long rocky beaches but decided to save that for a moment.


Starting to focus my attention on what it would take to get a treadmill and build out my weight set here at home.

Thinking that might go a long way and that I would benefit from it but the cost of doing it the way I want to requires a little work.

I am too big for a flimsy treadmill. I’ll destroy that in far too short a time and would do so even if I weighed exactly what I want to.

That is the funny thing, I am not that heavy but still at the mark where something cheap won’t hold up.  I’d rather pay for quality.

I have earned the right and put the time in so I’ll spend some time researching and see if there is a better way to set things up and make it happen.


Can’t sit any longer but can’t sleep yet so it is time to put on the Audible app and listen to one of the books I downloaded.

Got to keep the brain working, keep the tool sharp so that it is ready to go at need.

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