Dear Dell, I Have Time

It is two or maybe three drinks during the Friday night Zoom session with the boys and I am about done with talking on camera.

Not because it was bad, because it was the opposite but I am ready to decompress a bit even if I won’t be going to sleep for while.

Got YouTube playing songs in the background and I am lost in thoughts about some upcoming events and some that have yet to happen.

The music moves to The Joshua Tree and I wonder how many years could have passed so quickly and how things could be so damn different than I had ever thought they would be.

Just a few hours ago another rep from Dell called and was subjected to a haranguing by me about their abysmal customer service.

The man told me he didn’t think I understood that policies are policies and I told him he doesn’t understand I am in quarantine and have nothing but time to pound on him and every other Dell rep I can connect with.

It is not particularly hard and given I am about to hit the second milestone without the old man I figured I might let loose some of the frustration.

They earned it.

He Remembers

The kid in the picture remembers when The J0shua Tree came out because that is what he/I looked like then.

I remember him too and I hear his voice rising from the depths of the places we sometimes forget we carry forward from the past into the present.

He is confused about some things, disappointed and amazed by others.

There are questions, some youthful condemnation for promises made but not fulfilled and battles he will never let go of.

I understand because some banners have carried forward from every past into the present.

He still says we could be heroes and asks if fear will hold us back while I counter with lines about patience and planning.

“You keep planning and you keep thinking but you forget that who you are now is because of who you were. You don’t have to be who you are now forever. You know better.”

We nod our head and hear Brother Pablo cheer us on.

“Brother, you talk too much. Let action guide you.”

Rolling Into A New Decade

We can deliberate and debate about what changes have taken place and what is to come or just say we are rolling into a new decade and leave it at that.

There may be walls standing in front of or around us that we have to contend with but contend we shall.

We’ll start by looking for doors and windows and if we cannot find nor create them we’ll do as we did in Jericho and pull them down.

We may not have all the time in the world, but we have time enough.

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