Finding The Right Words

It is the strangest of times and I find myself wrestling with whether I wish to open a box or two because I know doing so will lead to changes but can’t say what they will be.

Feels like Monty Hall ought to be offering me some sort of cash incentive to take whatever lies behind door number one and I am wrestling because there is some comfort in knowing what you have in hand.

The lack of guarantee what might come instead chaps my hide but so does paralysis of analysis.

Sometimes the only way to advance is to take a leap of faith to see what castles and dreams lie before you.

Elephants Intrigue Me

I am not a professional or amateur zoologist. You won’t find me claiming to be a master of all things elephant but you may hear me say they intrigue me as do dolphins and whales.

There is something fascinating about their intelligence and their size as well as how they interact with each other.

I suspect we could learn much from them, but again that isn’t based upon any one particular piece of knowledge or experience.

Just a collection of what I have seen, read and experienced so take that for what it is worth.


Been thinking about the stories I have read and seen regarding how a worldwide pandemic impacts the environment or maybe more accurately how less traffic and industry gives our earth time to heal.

Doesn’t take long for nature to start to reclaim the land we think we have claimed for ourselves.

The plants grow and move in without hesitation. I kind of like that.


There was an earthquake around Simi Valley today and an earlier one in Chatsworth.

If I still lived in LA I might have felt them, might not have. They weren’t very big but large enough to be noticeable.

The one in Simi might have been close to where dad lies.

I like to think he somehow got news of something that made him stir and he made the earth shake in return bu that is not real likely now is it.

It also made me wonder if it was close enough to him to move him, not that it would bother him because he sleeps too deeply to notice such things.

Thought about him while I was walking and realized if I were closer today I would have gone to visit.

Might have told him I have PTSD about some things. I would have added it is self diagnosed and not to worry because I manage.

You can throw me in the fire and I dance because there are no other options and the good news is that kind of dancing doesn’t take rhythm or grace.

Just determination.

Just Show Up

Got a presentation to do and a bunch of other stuff that I am a bit uncertain about.

Thus far my uncertainty hasn’t been a problem because I am usually pretty good at these things.

Someone asked me to share my secret and I said to just show up and smiled. It was mostly true but it didn’t tell the whole story.

I usually have read something about these talks and have a little experience in putting something together with a beginning, middle and ending.

Writing helps.

I have done quite a bit of it lately.

Written all over.

Tomorrow I am going to be called upon to do a different sort of writing in which I am going to do my best to find the right words.

Been doing a bit of it tonight too because if Monty shows up I need to know in advance what I am going to say or at least I want to.

Even though it is likely I’ll wing it on the fly I always prefer to have a general outline in my head of what I want to say and an idea about the message I want them to remember.

Hope to be more than just listened to, I want to be heard.

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