Your President Is A Loser

Some of you have told me I ought to understand Trump isn’t presidential but that is ok because he gets things done and says things others are afraid to say.

You tell me I ought to understand that he gave up everything because he loves the country and that if we only loved him back we would feel his love too.

I said you sound like the wife who swears the beating she gets from her husband isn’t because he doesn’t love her, he has a small anger/drinking problem.

When he doesn’t lose it he is wonderful and when I say that isn’t acceptable you ask me what I would do if one my brother-in-laws beat up my sisters but I knew he really loved them.

And then I tell you I would throw him down the stairs and offer to drive him to the hospital and promise it would happen again if he didn’t get help.

“Josh, that is so extreme. Don’t you offer allowances for circumstance?”

“Yeah, sure I do and maybe if I was in the situation I would do otherwise. But when your house is burning you don’t always evaluate the best course of action. You act and our fucking country is on fire.”

I Was Wrong

When the disaster in the oval was elected I counseled courage and calm. I said it would be rough at times but we would manage because there were checks and balances.

I never imagined that when Trump suggested the GOP take turns fellating him they would fight for the chance. I never believed the majority would support every lie, fabrication and distortion of truth.

‘My bad’ is what we say when we make mistakes but this is beyond a simple mistake.

This guy has done an outstanding job of bringing out the worst in many and revels in chaos without any regard for who pays for bad policies and bad behavior.

I had thought that more than 50,000 American deaths and an economic collapse that can largely be tied to his incompetence and duplicity would have a stronger impact.

But it doesn’t seem to have.

Chaos erupts and he blames anyone and everyone else and his cult rush to support him.

Some of you have asked me if I really want him impeached or removed before his term is up and I have never hesitated.

“Absolutely, but I want it to be by the book. I don’t want there to be any question of Constitutionality because that is worse than leaving him in office.”

I see the eye roll and head shake and listen while they tell me they don’t understand how I could want to overturn an election.

“You do understand the framers of the Constitution intentionally included mechanisms to legally remove a president. If you use those mechanisms it is not unconstitutional and can be considered patriotic.

Are you really telling me that you would leave a crook or mentally incapacitated president in office?

“But he is neither of these things.”

“I can accept that as a response but I cannot accept your initial and juvenile response. It is the height of ignorance and irresponsibility. I said it has to be done by the book and if it follows those mechanisms I am good with it.”

“So you are good with suggesting I was stupid or foolish to vote for him?”

“It is one thing to guess at how good or how bad a man with no political record will be. You could be given a pass on some of it, but not this next time.  This time we know who and what he is.”

I Still See Sunshine & Rainbows

The darkness hasn’t swallowed the entire sky and there is more than one place where Rivendell exists.

We’re still a long way from forever lost and there is no single ring bearer sneaking into Mordor.

I still see sunshine and rainbows. I still see quiet nights watching movies and steak dinners at the Keg, well maybe not the latter, not yet.

It will take some time before we feel comfortable visiting restaurants but that day will come.

We don’t have to wait to spend time with people who are important to us and who nourish our hearts and soothe our souls.

Nor do we have to wait to make changes and to try to push for a better situation than we have got.

When the grifter in the White House tweets about not wanting to let the election be stolen he incites anger in some of us but he also presents hope.

Hope because somewhere in that black heart there is a flicker of light that understands he isn’t suited for this and that everyone knows it.

If that serpent brain had real ability to think logically, cogently and strategically he’d be the leader people wish he could be and that would kill any opportunity of voting him out.

But the sick SOB d0esn’t understand compassion and goodness or how sick it is to try and win at any cost.

He sees the world in binary terms and misses the shade of gray and that is part of why he is such a weak leader.

That is an opportunity and part of we vote the loser out. Every day we are one step closer, buckle up kids.

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