You’ll Read Them All…Tonight

If the patterns hold fast there is no doubt you’ll read this twice and then move on to the others, or at least most of them.

Somewhere in the middle of it all I’ll think again about how the music I listen to while putting these words upon paper influences it all.

And I’ll think about the symphony I hear as I write and wonder if you can hear it too through that magic connection that sometimes exists between people.

Will it translate in the way I hope, suspect and think or will there be nothing?

Got no way to measure it without sitting alongside of you and even then it would be hard to discern for certain if what I wonder about it is possible to measure and ascertain with the sort of scientific proof I desire.

So the best I can do is pound upon the keyboard and get some of what lies inside to rest upon this page.

The Biggest You Ever Saw

Standing inside the garage, next to four open tool boxes I hear a noise and turn my head to see what it is.

For a moment I am not certain what I see, but the longer I look the more certain I become that I have discovered a snake.

Been a while since I had to kill one, but I have done the deed with both a tent pole and a shovel and if need be I am prepared to do it again.

It is dark enough that I am concerned about turning my head away and losing sight of the slithering beast and I am in a particular sort of mood so I don’t call out.

Don’t need anyone to turn the light on or any other help. No, this is going to be me and the snake.

You can call me Rikki Tikki Tavi and after an unlimited amount of togetherness I am ready to do battle.

“If you survive this meeting you can crawl upon your belly and tell your friends about it. Tell ’em that I am the biggest one you ever saw. Tell em that you called down the thunder and I brought Hell with me or at least imagine it, cuz you are not leaving here.”

Turn my body so that I am facing the lidless eyes that I cannot see but imagine are staring back at me. Right hand reaches behind me, rummaging around for the largest screw driver I can find by touch and the rubber mallet.

I am ready. It’s go time.

“Let’s dance you cold blooded motherfucker. You may look at my bare feet and think you have got this, but I assure you that naked skin won’t help you.

I have rolled back 10,000 years and gone primal on you. I hear you taste like chicken.”

Each step brings me closer and I make a note to try not to hit my car when I move in on him.

One good shot and I can end it with little effort and no significant damage.

The snake doesn’t move at all and I haven’t a clue if it is because it thinks silence will protect it nor am I sure if the scratching noise is caused by the wind or its rattle.

Could play it safe and call a professional but it might disappear and that will cause more stress so I’d rather take action.

Two more steps and I’ll be close enough to get a good look but far enough away to not be struck if it should decide to reach out and touch someone.

One deep breath centers me and then I move forward.

I’ll be damned if it is not a snake and shit in the garage that fell over and looked like a snake.

Shrug my shoulders, pick the things up and put them back in the box that fell over and wonder if maybe some snake prayed to its snake god not to be killed by the giant that was coming for it.

You can call it crazy or you can remember your president mused about snorting Clorox…sarcastically.

A Beer With Brother Pablo

I am sharing a beer with Brother Pablo and talking about the times that are, were and might some day be.

I tell him some things I won’t write on this page and then say some of my thoughts are contained in two scenes upon this page.

“Changes are coming Brother Pablo and I think most will be good, though some require some pain to get to.

We all have our paths to take and sometimes if we take a moment we can stop time for just a moment and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It may not last, but while they do you can bask in magic and sometimes take some from the past into the present so that you might be sustained during the harder times with the knowledge of possibility and potential.”

Brother Pablo nodded his head, smiled and raised his bottle to which I did the same and then there was silence.




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