Running Over The Cliff

Spent a significant chunk of time walking this evening because I realized I was running over the cliff and needed to figure out if I was expecting to fly or figured I would survive the fall.

Didn’t come up with any answers other than I am going to follow this gut feeling until I am satisfied with the outcome of my research.

Asked myself if I was banging my head against the wall and ignoring the pain or if there was something rational about it and confirmed it is mostly rational.

No doubt in my mind I have been influenced by The 2020 Hunger Games and unwilling to concede just because someone claims to have logic and reason upon their side

Some of you argue that some things are happening or not happening based upon your political bent and experience but push back against those who disagree by saying proof is required.

I understand that but don’t be surprised when I ask for the same proof and don’t tell me I am being ridiculous by questioning your refusal.

If it makes you feel good to claim victory when I say we’ll agree to disagree I am cool with that too. I may even give you the last word but don’t take that as submission or agreement.

Sometimes silence means I am done arguing with a fool.

Walking All Night Long

Should have played this during most of my time under the night sky but I eventually had to move on to something else just as I had to force myself to turn back for home.

Wasn’t easy because I was fired up and ready to pump out some more miles because I heard the bells ringing and was already dancing in the fire.

Felt pretty strong out there, like I haven’t in a while and yet frustrated because I can see the brass ring but can’t grab it.

Kept going and telling myself this is how you build discipline while cursing the lack thereof in the past.

Cue Paul and the feeling of being stuck inside four walls.

Sometimes you have to ask if the reason you are stuck is because of your own doing and refusal to try opening the door and walking out of it.

What Happens Next

I kind of like that picture because it doesn’t answer the question of what happens next but leaves it open to imagination.

Does the falling man plummet to earth or does he gracefully pivot and roll onto his stomach and learn how to soar?

Could be either or.

Could be that instead of slamming into the earth back first he goes face first. I don’t think either of those are particularly pleasant.

Can’t decide if I want to see what is coming or not know, I would probably rather see so that I didn’t stay tensed up the entire time.

But mostly I like to think I would figure out how to fly. I usually do and usually have done ok with it, even if I wasn’t graceful.

Dammit if the constant tingling of the spider sense isn’t making me crazy. Dammit if a million other things aren’t too.

Can’t control it all, sometimes we have to just manage it and see what happens, so I guess that is what I am doing…mostly.

I think.

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