How Much Writing Can One Man Do?

I haven’t figured out how to answer the question because I really don’t know how much writing one man can produce because when mildly motivated I can produce enormous quantities on a variety of topics.

Circumstances have me flip-flopping about a bit because I have an enormous amount to say about a few things but I am not always in the mood to say it.

Some of you know exactly how I feel about certain things and some of you haven’t the foggiest idea but think you do.

I get it.

You read bits and pieces, have had a few conversations with me and think because I am relatively unfiltered you know stuff.

But you don’t know as much as you think and even those who would deign to call themselves soul mates, true loves and 15 minutes of fun in a closet don’t always know the full tale.

Though some know plenty and perhaps more than I realize…maybe.

My Pal Ralph

I am still following the advice of my pal Ralph and operating on instinct more than ever. I have had ample success with it as of late.

So I am continuing to go with my gut and am reaching out here and there.

In some cases it is a phone call or email and in some a hand but it is a small number. Just don’t have the time or bandwidth for it.

We’re in a marathon now and though I am built for the storm I have to find ways to conserve my strength so that it lasts.

I have a feeling there are going to be some moments where it is tested and the benefit of life experience is knowing a few things.

  1. I can manage this but only by being smart.
  2. I will not panic. May rant, but I will not panic.
  3. I am going to feel lost more than once.
  4. I trust myself to figure it out.
  5. I will take a hand or give a hand to another.

That is the unscientific version of my plan given off the top of my head with no effort to make me sound smarter, wiser or more strategic than anyone else.

Trust will be given or it won’t and I am good with that.

I reminded the kids we have been through a few things and that prepared us to manage this, whatever this is.

Ideally it will turn out to be a this and not a THIS but only time will tell.

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