A Bad Time For Naked Twister

The legal department said we couldn’t use “The Cult Under Nasty Trump” as a headline and nixed “Pythons Have More Compassion Than Trump.”

That was followed by admonitions not to antagonize Trump supporters by asking if they were dumber than dalmatians or more likely to believe he ought to be allowed to sodomize them with a rusty pipe and no lube.

I asked how they could possibly think that was wrong and answered my own question, “If Donnie says to take it with no lube they’ll gladly do so…with a smile.”

Anyway that led me to acknowledging the middle 0f a pandemic is a bad time for naked twister and the following PSA to redneck attorneys and scammers.

Sending me email saying that you have naked pictures of me that you will release to the public isn’t going to get you more than a couple of eyeballs from ex-girlfriends who want to see how things have held up and a few others.

At best you might get a couple of bucks from people who pay you not to assault the public with those images.

Can You See Me?

A certain 19 year-old lad told me he marvels at how fast I can come up with stories about anything and everything.

“You are really fast with those ridiculous tales and sometimes you even come up with something believable. But I know you dad, I know your tells.”

I looked at him and said he knows some of them, but not all.

“I know more than you think I know.”

“Ya know kid, I say I know things all the time and it is mostly true…but not always. And if you don’t know what that means there will come a day when some girl makes sure to remind you that you aren’t right.

They love doing that.”

His younger sister couldn’t decide whether to laugh at the truth of that or glare at me for being obnoxious and I flashed her a smile.

“Girly, I have more sisters than you can shake a stick at. I am particularly skilled at teasing people. Just try me.”

That got the eyeroll and as she walked away I yelled “I love you” and followed up with “I am known for not saying it first. Others always do.”

She muttered something about not understanding how any woman ever found me attractive and I told her not to go there.

“You don’t want to hear about my animal magnetism.”

She almost snorted, but caught herself.

Sometimes I miss the days when I could convince her to look at the photo above and ask if she could see me running with the buffalos.


Final Words

Talked with the kids a little bit more about the crazy state of affairs and reminded them it is good to tell the people you really care the most about how you feel.

Followed up with my usual admonition not to panic, stay aware and never stop learning.

And then I reminded them that I watched the video with the rabbis because it is comforting to me not from a religious sense but because it reminds me of camp.

And because it got me thinking about a bunch of things and sometimes I like being presented with new ideas to consider.

And with that I bid you adieu for there is writing to be done elsewhere so that I can keep things updated and to stimulate thought.

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