Life As A Morlock

When they ask me about life as a Morlock and when it all began I won’t tell them to read A Time Of Celebrations because it started before then.

I’ll say it happened when the foolish, blind and ignorant put Crooked Donnie into office and refused to hold him accountable for anything, including his role in ignoring the pandemic.

And when they push accusations and allegations of this and that suggesting I am too negative or too optimistic I’ll tell them there are few times where I have felt weaker than now and yet stronger than ever.

For it is a joyous thing to feel your physical strength drain from your body as if it is poured from a bottle held upside down with the cap off.

And then just as you search for an equivalent to Popeye’s spinach something happens and what was lost momentarily is found.

“You are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out
its own secret.”

Take A Deep Breath

Employed Dr. Google today to do some research about a few things, took a deep breath and muttered a promise to myself to focus on making a few adjustments come Monday.

If the words read online are true than there won’t be any cavalry coming any time soon so we all have to rescue ourselves.

So that is the plan, rescue begins Monday 0r at least the attempt.

For now we’ll muddle through this particular moment and see if the gut feeling about what is coming happens to be true.

One way or another we’re going to find out and undoubtedly by the time this thing is through some relationships will be dead and new ones will be formed.

Won’t be much in between, so I am going to walk into the unknown and challenge myself in a variety of ways.

I know things. Now we find out if I am correct.

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