A Giant Ball Of Stress

The conversations go on through the day and the night with people sharing many of their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

More than once I feel a smile fly unbidden across my face, unspoken thoughts held back but there is a sense that maybe they are heard.

I could offer my unbridled opinion on how to manage that stress. There are ways that when done properly provide a certain respite but for now I just laugh, a silent chuckle that only a few appreciate.

Some things change and some things simply don’t, don’t care what is said or how it is said because you will never convince me otherwise.

The Answer Is Under The Stars

Soon I’ll walk out the door and listen to this song while thinking how much truth lies there and how the answer to so many questions lie under the stars.

My own stress level has been exponentially higher than it is now, though it is not as low as I wish it to be.

I have learned to take advantage of these moments where I feel light and to run with them because they provide opportunity to recharge and the time when come when the weight will slam back into me.

Slam being a euphemism for words much stronger but for now I am Atlas with the weight removed and I will take my turn to smile.

The thief that robs me of my joy has yet to find to me and when he/she does if it is possible to do battle I will.

Gut feelings and instinct continue to drive me forward and sometimes it is a revelation and others a virtual nightmare.

But overall it serves me better to run with it than fight so I push on.

My shoulders are broad enough to manage, at least today they are.

Tomorrow they might not be but given circumstances I am not convinced others can carry me so I carry myself.

Walk Into The Future

Two minutes from now I’ll put my shoes on and walk out the door, social distancing at night so I can stretch my legs and get a few minutes of fresh air.

The words on this page and others are only part of the map that leads to a walk into the future for parts and places as yet unknown.

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