Would Grandma & Grandpa Recognize This?

I was in my thirties or maybe my early forties when the doc told me I would probably be diagnosed as having sleep apnea.

Took at look at me, said I had broad shoulders and a big neck and that was probably not going to play in my favor, especially given my dad had it.

Told him that when I was the owner of a six pack I was known for snoring and had been that way my whole life.

“Well, I won’t guarantee it because we need to run the tests to confirm, but it is pretty darn likely given all that we know.


Thought a little bit about that because I think I may need some some supplies for my machine because I do have sleep apnea and have been masking up and playing superhero for about 18 months.

Thought about it because this Covid-19 situation has made life a little strange and kind of unsettling because things are a bit off in the world now.

And while I am sure we’ll get through it, I have never lived through anything like this. It makes me wonder if grandma and grandpa would recognize this feeling as being similar to what they experienced during the depression and WWII.

You Don’t Know Me

Had a few relatives who have different political beliefs than I do try to engage me today and was surprised by it.

One came on very strong and I wanted to ask him if he really wanted to take that approach with me.

“You don’t know me and I don’t know you very well either. But I know that you’re pushing propaganda and if you knew anything about who I am you’d know I can’t be bullied.”

I didn’t say any of that out loud nor did I write it, but I thought it because I could see where this was going.

I didn’t reply to the last comment he made nor did I bother to read it.

Maybe he thinks that means he won and I conceded or maybe it irritates him to be ignored. I don’t plan on finding out.

For the sake of harmony I hope he lets it sit because if he insists on finding out what I think I’ll spell it out slowly so he can keep up.

But I haven’t any need for that, it is really not important.


I am operating based upon facts in as many areas as I can and using instinct all over the place.

The kid at the dry cleaner asked me if I had any advice for making it to 51 and I laughed.

“I am not going to be 51 until May.”

“Well, you made it to 50 so what would you tell a guy who is turning 28?”

“Here is the secret to turning 50. Make sure you wake up every day. That is what I did.”

I wasn’t trying to be insouciant. I elaborated by saying I have survived every bad day and avoided getting hit by lightning, buses and cars. Haven’t gotten shot, stabbed or caught in tsunamis and or muggings.

Have survived the LA Riots, a forest fire and multiple earthquakes, but you long time readers already know that.

Today I have some age related health issues that are relatively minor but irritating. Ideally they stay that way, I am working on trying to not maintain the status quo but improve it.

I saw my old man make some serious progress there. He got a handle on things for a while, at least from my perspective.

Been thinking about him a little bit more than usual as to what he would say about now.

I can hear him and grandpa say we have to play the cards we are dealt and to do the best we can because it is all we can do.

That works for me, not because I was indoctrinated with it, but because I have thought about it and it makes sense.

That is worth quite a bit to me, things that make sense now. I’ll take them where I can find them.

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