The Knight & His Castle

Can’t remember if it was now or in a different life when I read about Jericho and the knight.

Can’t tell you how Jericho told the knight her most intimate secrets and the story of her life or how she when she said she was scared he promised to protect her.

That’s cuz the law of secret worlds prevents such tales from being shared except in very specific and important circumstances that not every Sheila or Buckmaster are privy to.

But I can tell you I do know some things and the things I know, well they are meaningful, significant and important but only to a few.

Maybe you are amazed or maybe you are lost on the crossroads on your way to a weekend in New England.

What I can tell you is Jericho loved the castle and the long flowing dresses and the knight, well he had his thoughts and ideas about that but those were his to share and I am not allowed to share.

Such are the fragments of fiction we find along the way.

Rise Like A Phoenix

Three years into the experiment in which we elected a reality television star whose best skills are his ability to lie and refuse to be accountable life is…different.

We watched people we know set aside regard for morality, decency and the rule of law for a huckster that promotes tribalism, xenophobia and winning at all costs.

Inside this Machiavellian world some of us choked on the fetid air and horrific things we saw so we banded together as best we could so that we could find support.

Until recently we felt like we were fumbling along, losing ground in some areas while gaining in others which is to say it was uncomfortable but there was always tomorrow.

And then came the days of the dragons laying siege to our cities and the fires that burned all night and all day long.

The days in which we looked at each other and asked if what we were seeing was real because not everyone could see the beasts in the sky.

Not everyone saw danger and some fed the beasts believing them to be like big dogs who were here to be playful pets.

Some of us cried out and asked the others to open their eyes because we saw the flames shooting from jaws with razor sharp teeth.

That was what made me think of the knight and to remember the armor I keep polished and ready in the garage.

Because I know things and I know what I am capable of and what I am not capable of.

Standing by and watching isn’t my forte nor is wasting away solely in memory of the glory days or those of failure.

Better to ride out and do what I do best and see if I can ride the lightning steed one more time and if I can control where those bolts do land.

Because I can dance in the fire and rise like a phoenix, regardless of consequence.

Sailing In Uncharted Waters

More than a few have asked what I think will or will not happen and I shrug my shoulders and turn on the music.

We’re in uncharted waters but during my most optimistic moments I swear I see signs of shore and of doves with olive branches in their beaks.

And when I don’t, well the music varies greatly and sometimes it leads me elsewhere.

Somewhere in the midst of the memories the present seeps into focus along with a deep resolve some say is naive and others label differently.

There is no going back nor giving up, only a relentless push into an unknown future to continue writing a story whose end is unknown.

Won’t be easy, but won’t be all bad either.

One step at a time, one day at a time but forward, always forward.

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