Don’t Borrow Trouble

We’re early in whatever stage/state we’ll reach with the Coronavirus and it is unclear how bad it really will or won’t be.

Hit Costco today to buy some toilet paper, water and a few other items knowing we’re truly in need of these things and discovered they were sold out of all of their T.P.

A guy with the last seven boxes of wipes hit me with his cart and came close to becoming a different sort of victim of Coronavirus. Not because he grabbed the final boxes but because after he hit me he looked put out for my having the audacity to have placed my butt where his cart could strike it.

Had a conversation with my oldest about my position on everything and said my advice not to panic is always appropriate, “don’t borrow trouble where it doesn’t exist.”

Told him I am not unconcerned because some of the people I care most about are at a higher risk and said we would do our best to help as we can.

“I can say your grandfather’s dying wish was for me to look after your grandmother, aunts and grandchildren. I’ll do that and include a few others as best I can. Can’t stop me from trying.”


The kid and I went back and forth a bit and he said I was indoctrinated and we laughed because he knows something about it from my parenting of him.

We are all different people than our parents, but some things stick with us regardless of whether we ask them to or not.

“You know when you are a certain age it feels more important to try and step out of  a shadow that may or may not be there.

At your grandfather’s retirement party a man I barely knew took me aside to tell me that your grandfather was fearless and would take anyone and anything on.”

I paused and let him absorb that and continued.

“This man told me about how grandpa fought to save his job because he thought what was happening was unfair and then told me a couple more stories.

It made me feel all sorts of pride for my dad, but was a little embarrassing too. What do you do with a guy who is gushing about your dad, it is not always easy to hear. Not that it is bad, but it is a little different.”

Anyway I don’t know if my own son has had enough life experience yet to really hear/understand what I am saying. I get the sense he feels my shadow looming over him and I get it, but it also makes me laugh a bit because there is so much that I feel I haven’t done.

But the real point is I want him to see his potential as separate from me and to measure himself against himself because that is the only true measure we have.

You’ll Lose

The kids like to have staring contests with the dog. It is a silly game they play now and then and I always laugh.

“You’re going to lose. He won’t ever feel uncomfortable 0r self conscious.”

They always tell me they know and I always remind them to try and attack life the way he d0es.

“Don’t second guess yourself. Wag your tail, bark and run without questioning your ability and you’ll go pretty far.”

It is not really a joke 0r said with sarcasm.

Animals don’t wonder if they belong where they are at or question whether they need to jump once or 50 times to get the treat.

They just do it.

There are moments where turning off the doubt to imitate them is worth doing. Moments where not trying to figure out the ifs, ands and whys work better because we act and we don’t waste opportunities trying to figure out if there is a better way.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever think about our actions, but sometimes following our gut is the best thing we can do.


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