You’ll Come To Me

Standing under a giant moon under a Texas sky that seems endless it almost feels like I have stumbled onto a movie set because circumstances are so very real and yet unreal.

How did I get here at the end of all things and beginning of all others. It is not really a question because I know as much as I need to know yet recognize I’ll ask some questions anyway.

Looking up at the sky I think about taking a picture to post on Facebook so that I can superimpose my face upon it and ask the person who asked me if I have gained a ton of weight what they think.

Is my face really big enough to replace the man in the moon. If pumpkins came to life would they be jealous of my huge face.

Said person asked how long I will drag them through the mud and I told them until I see nothing left and then I’ll drag them some more.

If you prick the bull you ought to be prepared to get the horns especially when you refuse to answer what picture made them react this way.

Sometimes I require specific details.

Covid-19…The Virus Comes

I have read a multitude of reports about Covid-19 and wonder a little bit about what to think because things feel a little fluid.

Panic is never a good idea and I am not panicking now but I am curious about what this really means for us all, especially as I know multiple people with compromised immune systems.

How concerned or unconcerned should I be.

It is a question and a statement because I am not certain.

I am curious.

I am out in the public with regularity and meet with tons of people. Should I regulate that a little bit to help protect those I might engage with who may not have the same immune system?

Or is my daily life basically ok?

Can’t live in fear. Won’t live in fear. But I can be prepared and practical.

I suppose I notice it more because I don’t have faith in the leadership in the WH but then again I am not convinced that I need faith in them.

It is more important to have faith in our medical professionals and medical system. I know it is not perfect and there are significant shortcomings in some areas but there are significant strengths there too.

Some might say that is being overconfident but I can’t worry about everything. It falls into the same category as wondering if mechanic who worked on my plane did a good j0b.

I know people who wonder about that and worry that maybe they didn’t. Maybe they had an off day or a fight with their wife and forgot something.

Those things are possible but what is gained from worrying about that. I can’t control them or much of anything else.

Survived every other bad day and thing from birth until now, I can go a bit farther.

Write, Write, Write

Been writing quite a bit cuz there are stories to put down on paper for posterity as well as clarity of mind.

Invisible men see and hear many things and some of them may even qualify as important. Sometimes they write them down and sometimes they keep them to themselves.

The reasons why vary and are always contingent upon the person and whether you can catch them.


Looking up at the moon I can almost hear the man in it say “you’ll come to me” and wonder if maybe, just maybe he knows a secret or two worth hearing.

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