Maybe You Shouldn’t Travel

I can’t remember the last time I have taken baths with the sort of regularity I have during recent times, but time takes its toll and sometimes we pay for what we do.

So I turn on this video and watch for a moment, a wry smile crossing my face because it makes me think.

Didn’t intend to use that but I was looking for a music list by Michael Giachinno I used to listen to and went digging through old posts like I Said Hello June and Johnny Looks at June thinking I might find what I was looking for.

Found a few things, but not what I was looking for, especially in the latter.

Got a section called Teaching Moments that hit me in the mouth and the gut.

Those of you who are long time readers know the stories about me as a toddler getting so angry I banged my head on the ground and screamed with rage, maybe at my own stupidity.

Anyhoo, this was a different sort of pain and I thought about punching things, trying to fix dislocated fingers and or shove protrusions back into place, but I didn’t try.

Didn’t do anything but think about it and about upcoming travel.

Maybe You Shouldn’t Travel

A few people have asked if I going to curtail any of my upcoming travel plans and I said yes and no.

I am going to skip a couple of the upcoming conferences I had looked into attending but my other plans aren’t going to change short of significant obstacles.

Can’t change a couple because I promised dad and if I have to drag the plane behind me I will do so.

Truth is I am not particularly worried about the Coronavirus because science and medicine say I am cool and because fate has promised I am not going to be taken down by a virus, at least not for another 50 years and that is questionable.

But I figure just because I am confident about my immune system there is no need to test it unnecessarily.


Still focused on trying to find that set of videos I come across this and give a different smile.

It is not what I was looking for and probably better suited for some other material I wrote earlier, but it works now.

I need to take the edge off and refocus upon other things. Got a big week ahead and my mind is racing with ideas about some opportunities.

It feels like I might have figured out a few things and I am chomping at the bit to try them and determine if I am onto something.

Don’t know if I am. Don’t know if I am not.

Can’t know without taking a swing and can’t do it at 11 PM on a Sunday night.

Had a preliminary discussion with a few people though because I had to bounce it off of them. Not because I can’t figure it out on my own but because the smart move is to take advantage of the experience of others.

The thing is that in this particular case, I suspect I have more experience to draw upon than others.

That is a vague description of the situation but I can’t be more specific and if I were it would probably bore most of you.

So I am testing the shackles on my arms and legs and trying to figure out if I can pull them from the wall or if I can just tear the whole thing down.

Don’t bet against me on this one, I can be ridiculously focused on making certain things happen and am usually successful.

I Hear Music

Sometimes I think about learning how to write music because I hear it in my head but I don’t know if I hear it the same way I hear the words.

Something like this song makes me wonder if it is a similar thing or not.

I think about certain people and how you can be connected or disconnected. I think about how in sync we can be and it feels like that is related to all this too.

There are stories I can write that will tell the tale but very few will appreciate them the way I want them to be appreciated because very few can hear me that way.

I used to wonder about that, but I don’t think about it as often as I once did. That is because it sits in a place in my head where I just accept it.

There is no reason to question. Doesn’t matter if is reasonable or logical, some things just are.

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