Your Random Thoughts Have No Meaning

Had a few people tell me they didn’t want to accept my LinkedIn invitation because they didn’t recognize the clean shaven me which I suppose makes sense, but still surprised me.

Kind of made me laugh because more than a few people have mistaken me and or my roles the last few days.

Bring out my old pal suppose again because some of those could have been or maybe be me in this life time.

Won’t put any money down on any particular outcome either way ‘cuz that crazy thing called life is sometimes unpredictable.

It is as good an explanation for how we got an idiot like Trump as president and how we could end up with another fool named Sanders looking to replace him.

Did I mention I accepted a friend request from someone and unfriended them a couple hours later?

Thought I knew them and accepted the request and was promptly hit with a sales pitch. Shared the pitch with SQ and noticed this new friend had gone and commented on a dozen posts.

Something felt off and that sealed the deal, unfriend, and we are done.

A Visit With The Old Man

The kids told me today they haven’t been back to see grandpa since the unveiling so I said we would go visit.

Made a promise to say hi when I go see him in a couple of weeks. Got a few things to share with him, such as how much I dislike feeling like I know 87% of what I need to know in a couple of areas.

He’d tell me to relax and not worry about it because no one becomes an expert over night but I am not always good at that.

There are some things I pick up on so quickly it irks me when I take longer than I think I ought to, especially when it feels like Mr. Toad is driving the bus I happen to be a passenger on.

It is magnified by my distaste for being driven by others.


Realized I am pissed off with dad for the first time in a while which annoys me because it is kind of a waste of energy.

What good does it do to be angry with him about anything. The time in which I could do something about it is gone and that infuriates me just a little.

Or maybe it is more accurate to say the fire that was simmering beneath the surface is roaring now and I am ready for battle.

Could go spar with some Trump and Sanders supporters but that is sort of a waste of time too, why fight with cultists.

Maybe I ought to go buy a new heavy bag to replace the one I left in California.


Going to take some doing to get to the old man and give myself the time I want with him. Don’t need much, but I probably want to go by myself.

Got to update him on a secret or two.

The Gut Rules

There are elements of the present that remind me of 2005 but that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the changes wrought by fifteen years of life.

Been some of of the hardest and some of the best I suppose too.

Fifteen years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be living in Texas but there are lots of other things that I wouldn’t have expected that happened too.

Some good and some…less good.

Decided not long ago I am going to keep following my heart and gut. Going to let instinct guide me because ignoring it didn’t work very well and listening has paid dividends.

Time for the gut rules, good for writing, good for life.

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