I Am A Traveling Man

Got confirmation today that I am going to go see dad soon. Read the email, looked out at deep blue skies punctuated by white clouds and sent my thoughts out to him.

“Won’t be long before we can hang out again old man.”

He didn’t answer and I turned my attention elsewhere.

Got on a phone call and was asked if I am always this intense. Shrugged my shoulders and realized they couldn’t see me.

“I don’t know, depends on who you ask. I don’t really think about it.”

“Am I the only one who thinks it?”

“I don’t know, you can take a poll.”

“You don’t smile much, but when you do it is very noticeable.”

“I am glad someone is paying attention to what I do. Makes my tiny black heart feel a little bit warmer.”

“You know you have a real edge.”

“People know whether I like them or not.”

What California Is Like

Found myself on a different call with someone who began the call by telling me they wanted to make sure I understood California geography.

I listened for a few and asked them if they preferred to take the 5 or the 10 or if they thought it might be easier to make a stop downtown to get a bite to eat and then cruise down Wilshire or Olympic to the West side.

They paused and told me they didn’t think you could take Wilshire or Olympic from downtown.

“I don’t think those streets go where you think they do. They are in Santa Monica and Brentwood.”

“Hmm…did you say you knew LA well?”

“Yeah, I have been there a lot.”

“I don’t really think of San Bernadino as being real close. It is not terribly far, but it is not real close top LA.”

“Trust me, those streets are where I said they are.”

“I trust that they are in Santa Monica and Brentwood, but unless something crazy has happened they go a long way, not as long as Figueroa or Sepulveda, but they connect to all sorts of places.”

The caller tells me I sound like I have probably been to LA a couple of times and then assures me that I ought to listen to them.

“You’re a Texan, trust me, LA is a little different.”

That made me snort but I didn’t explain why. Didn’t matter and don’t need to share my history with them but it did make me think.


Several of my LA friends have made a number of comments about changes around the city and have said they are certain I am going to be shocked by the changes I see.

That has made me curious and got me wondering if these “shocking” changes will be as noticeable to me as they assure me.

I noticed a couple of things this past July when I was last there and I suppose there has been enough time between then and this next trip that I might notice a few things…maybe.

Thing is so much is going on elsewhere that I am not sure if I’ll catch some of the stuff they say I will.

The phoenix rises.


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