The Proposition You Say Yes To

“I can take you higher.”

The woman ahead of me in line asks if I am talking to her.

“Nope, but she heard me.”

“I don’t know how she could hear you, unless she is standing close by or something because I barely heard you.”

“She always hears me, but sometimes she pretends not to.”

“What does she hear now?”

“The proposition you say yes to.”

Six words hang in the air and it takes more than a few minutes for me to realize those are tied into a dream I was having and whose memory is fast fading.

Two hours later I’ll be seated in a meeting talking to a colleague about a five day trip to the south, confirming I won’t have a roommate.

“If they aren’t someone I want sharing a bed I don’t want to spend five days in a room with them, I am too old and too cranky.

He laughs, says me too and tells me some people use their evenings to go out to which I say, “not me. Been there, done that.”

Going to read, catch up on a movie or two and exercise.

Who Am I

Bruce is keeping me company during the drive from Dallas to Allen to McKinney to Denton.

This song is personal for a host of reasons and something about the moment reminds me of how little I share with few exceptions.

Echoes of complaints of my refusal to say more than a few words ping pong back and forth alongside muted explanations.

If I trust you enough to share than you might hear quite a bit and if I don’t you’ll get surface stuff, but not much more.

It is funny to me to think how I am more myself than ever and so very different.

Can’t say I had a good idea or expectation for what I would be at 50, but whatever and whomever is different and yet similar.


Had a few people ask me if I have seen Joker yet and I said no each time because I don’t plan on seeing it in the theater.

One tells me I ought to see Walk The Line or Gladiator first so I can see what kind of actor Joaquin Phoenix is and I laugh.

I know those films and I know things.

Carry On Luggage

I have inherited multiple pieces of luggage of varying degrees of quality and usefulness and have until recently not thought much about it.

Don’t need or want anything fancy,  I want practical and useful. These were free and that worked for me.

Why spend money on new when you have something that does the job.

Except these are now falling short in a couple of areas.

Now I need something that is more effective at meeting my business travel needs so I am starting to look for something new.

Something that makes it easier to carry size 12 shoes and a sports coat.


This is going on gut feelings and experience time.

It is a Wichita Linemen I hear singing in the wires time. I think I have found my own path up the Dawn wall and I am slowly inching my way up.

Walking the line, going down in that ring of fire and writing in that notebook ‘cuz I am determined, tenacious, curious and willing.

Got to see what happens. Got to reach for the brass ring and pepper that pike.

I’ll go over, under, around or through to get there, but I will get there.

If I was a horse I’d tell the bettors to make like Abba and take a chance on me.


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