Already Gone

Throw on some music and lay out clothes for the coming adventures.

Remind a few that nothing is granted or given and we either move on opportunity or watch it disappear never knowing if it will circle back again.

Board that ship and follow through on the promise of not looking back because what comes next lies ahead and not behind.

It is not the way it is but how it has to be.

Walk to the door, new music on the headset and wisps of a memory of something that never was and might have been as the knob turns and the door opens.

By the time it closes and the key turns in the lock the wisp is gone and forgotten.

Already Gone

Decisions made under a night less moon and the quiet of the black drive it all forward.

No time nor energy to say I told you so, just the desire to embrace the promise of the black and the chance to paint a few stripes of daylight.

Cuz we’re already gone and there is nothing more than a couple of ghosts pretending to be corporeal while knowing the flesh has long since rotted and fallen off of the bones.

Some call it sad and some call it happy but most call it bittersweet understanding you have to acknowledge the loss while celebrating the attainment of opportunity.

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